Spectrum Futures. Will change everything.

about spectrum futures

Supplying Internet access to two billion people across South and Southeast Asia is not simply a matter of making service available. People have to be convinced they want to use the Internet, they have to be able to afford it and they have to learn how to use it.

To rapidly “connect the unconnected,” the whole ecosystem—regulators, infrastructure providers, app access providers and backhaul suppliers plus compelling apps and affordable devices—must be synchronized.

Such direct discussions by the whole ecosystem rarely happen. Spectrum Futures changes that.

Spectrum Futures explores the ways new capacity—and the business models needed to sustain it—can be brought online, fast, to connect two billion additional Internet users across South and Southeast Asia.

Spectrum Futures is organized by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), the leading professional organization promoting the advancement and commercial use of information and communication technologies, services, policies, and knowledge to benefit its members and the people of the Pacific region.


  • “I found the location, time of year, topics and ease of meeting other attendees and so forth very good. I found the presentations by the private sector especially useful. The discussion on experience of other countries and new initiatives by them increased the value of the conference.”

    Rekha JainProfessor and Executive Chair, IIMA-IDEA Telecom Centre of Excellence, India
  • “Different, but in a good way. The speakers represent a larger spectrum of business activities and value chain than is typical. I look forward to participate again.”

    Wan Faizal Wan HassanAssistant Vice President, Group Regulatory Affairs, Axiata Group Berhad, Malaysia
  • “It had a good mix of attendees from operators, OTT’s, technology firms and integrators across the globe.”

    Raakesh MenonSenior Segment Manager, Telstra, Singapore
  • “Very valuable.”

    Vaibhav MagowRegional Sales Director, Asia Pacific Hughes Network Systems, India
  • “I loved the conference. It was well hosted; very interesting; very refreshing. It was great to hear each of the communities bearing their heart and soul. What’s cool: none of us appreciate the other guy’s problems. I was very pleased.”

    Vern FotheringhamExecutive Chairman, V-Satcast LLC, USA
  • “Very useful; very good use of my time.”

    Peter StanforthCTO & Co-Founder, Spectrum Bridge Inc, USA
  • “It was great to be there. I thought the quality of the conversation was very good and insightful. It was a nice mix of attendees from the private and public sectors.”

    Chris WeaslerGlobal Head of Spectrum Policy & Connectivity Planning, Facebook, USA