More 5G Spectrum Above 95 GHz?

Spectrum policy is not the only major shaper of access provider business models, but it is, among key influences, arguably the single-greatest determinant of mobile and wireless provider business models, simply because, without spectrum access, no business is possible. That has been the rule in the mobile business globally, up to this point. But there […]

Is Mobile Becoming a Substitute for Wi-Fi?

For decades, observers have wondered and speculated about whether Wi-Fi could be a substitute for mobile data access. Now we might have to ask the reverse question: under what conditions is mobile access a functional substitute for Wi-Fi? The new question comes as all four leading U.S. mobile operators now offer unlimited usage plans. To […]

Networks are Being Further Virtualized

The old distinctions between “my network” and “other networks,” plus the reliance on “my spectrum” versus “any available spectrum” now will change with 5G, even more than has been the case with 4G, A new TIA survey of industry executives suggests. That significant virtualization of spectrum assets and spectrum networks also will accompanied by virtualization […]

Will 5G Produce Expected “Big New Revenue Streams?”

To the extent some have concerns about the 5G business model, there are reasons for that concern. Only 56 percent of respondents to a survey commissioned by TIA believe 5G will significantly transform mobile broadband. The rest of the survey respondents obviously do not believe 5G will “significantly transform” mobile broadband access. Granted, much hinges […]

5G is Likely to Drive Edge Cloud Computing

Though 5G often is considered the next mobile air interface, it also is enabled by core network virtualization and even could play a part in boosting edge computing, as mobile networks are used to support many new internet of things applications. For example, today’s service providers have cloud computing requirements to support their own network […]

“Connectivity is Not as Asset”

Mobile data services clearly have been a product that compensates for lost voice and messaging revenues. But there are issues. It remains unclear whether mobile data can be monetized on a sustainable basis, as average revenue per account continues to fall. Granted, there is some increase in usage, or increases in speed, that could help […]

5G Might See Losers, Not Just Winners

To a greater degree than has been the case in the past, 5G success will be uneven: offering bigger potential financial rewards to the bigger service providers and possibly even some financial distress for smaller operators. The reason is that smaller operators will be able to monetize access services, while the larger operators might (should) […]

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