Net Neutrality Will Clash with New Spectrum Developments

As communication platforms blending licensed and unlicensed spectrum continue to develop, it seems obvious that new thinking might–or must–emerge related to network neutrality and quality of service mechanisms. In other words, strong forms “network neutrality” rules that prohibit any prioritization of packets or quality of service mechanisms are going to clash with the direction of […]

Telco Business Models Becoming Unsustainable

An argument can be made that a growing number of tier-one service providers cannot invest profitably in their networks, even if markets require ever-more capacity. In the recent past, that might have been thought a problem for fixed network operators. Now it appears to be becoming an issue for mobile operators as well. Eventually, regulators […]

In India, Internet Access Accounts Grow, Voice, Mobile and Fixed Network Accounts Shrink in August 2016

Though the trend is likely caused mostly by short-term developments, fixed network, mobile and voice accounts declined in India from July 2016 to August 2016, according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Many speculate that the currency retirement program now underway in India, retiring Rs 500 and Rs1000 notes, has many consumers focused on […]

Disruption in Mobile, Internet, Voice Markets Not Abating

Communications regulators typically try to achieve two contradictory goals: sufficient competition to improve consumer outcomes and sufficient incentives for suppliers to improve services. It is not an easy balance to achieve, as in many ways, success on one criteria causes failure on the other dimension. Competition acts to reduce retail prices. But reduced prices mean […]

Are Spectrum Prices Heading for a Lower Reset?

There are growing signs that communications spectrum value, and prices, are undergoing a reset. The recent India spectrum auction generated about 11 percent of what the government expected. So far, bids for U.S. 600-MHz spectrum have missed expectations. That was recently the case in Egypt as well, where mobile operators flatly disagreed with the government […]

Is Spectrum Real Estate, or Uber?

“Spectrum is real estate,” many are fond of noting. At least, it always has been in the licensed framework. Unlicensed spectrum is different. It remains an essential resource, but is not real estate, as their are no ownership rights, and no way to maintain scarcity value as does real estate in a dense urban area. […]

Philippines Wants 3rd Mobile Provider to Enter Market

The Philippines  National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has been trying–so far without success–to encourage a third mobile operator to enter the market, something regulators in Japan and South Korea also have found difficult. San Miguel Corporation had wanted to do so, but eventually gave up and sold its spectrum to the two existing providers, PLDT and […]

Fixed Wireless is Making Stunning Progress

No matter what limitations you presently believe fixed wireless networks suffer from, progress now is proceeding at stunning rates. An order of magnitude increase in spectrum efficiency is one example. An order of magnitude decrease in installation labor provides another example. To be sure, predictions about wireless access adoption have been wrong in the past. […]

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