China, the Middle East and Africa and emerging nations of Asia drove smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2015, according to GfK.

Some 324 million smartphone units were sold in the third quarter, at an average price of US$294, and those three regions represented 57 percent of sales.

Sales in the emerging Asia countries was driven primarily by consumers in India, where there was strong demand for sub-US$100 devices that now represent 48 percent of sales.

Local Indian and Chinese brands dominate that segment.

​ ​ ​Smartphone sales Q3 2014 vs Q3 2015
​Units sold (in mil.)​Sales value (in bil. USD)​ ​
​Q3 14Q3 15​Y/Y % change​​Q3 14​Q3 15​Y/Y % change
​Latin America​26.0​24.7​-5.0%7.7​6.0​-22.1%
​Central & Eastern Europe​18.2​18.9​3.8%4.3​3.7​-14.0%
​North America​43.9​46.3​5.5%17.0​18.8​10.6%
​Emerging APAC​37.5​46.5​24.0%6.8​7.4​8.8%
​Middle East & Africa​35.5​41.1​15.8%10.0​10.4​4.0%
​Western Europe​32.0​33.0​3.1%13.6​12.4​-8.8%
​Developed APAC​15.7​15.2​-3.2%9.0​8.4​-6.7%
source: GfK