BLOG Launches 700 New Wi-Fi Hotspots in India, 20,000 More Coming has launches its Express Wi-Fi service, lighting close to 700 Wi-Fi hotspots across the four Indian states of Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Meghalaya. Express Wi-Fi is currently live in five countries: India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Indonesia. Bharti Airtel will launch an additional 20,000 Express Wi-Fi  hotspots over the next few months. In addition to its […]

How Big a Revenue Boost from IoT?

Internet of things access revenue might be quite smaller than many expect, in part because many of the connected sensors are going to use existing connections. On the other hand, an incremental $28 billion worth of global Iot-driven access revenue (in 2025) will be helpful. At that point, IoT access revenue might represent about three […]

Asia Will Drive 2/3 of New Mobile Subs by End of Decade

By the end of 2016, two thirds of the world’s population had a mobile subscription, a total of 4.8 billion unique subscribers, according to the GSMA. By 2020, almost three quarters of the world’s population–or 5.7 billion people–will subscribe to mobile services. Mobile broadband connections (3G and 4G technologies) accounted for 55 percent of total […]

Capacity Will Drive Early 5G Deployments

Coverage is not likely going to be the primary reason for deployment either of Release 15 or Release 16 5G networks, according to GSMA. The early 5G networks based on LTE Release 15 will be deployed in dense urban areas to boost capacity for human users of mobile networks and will use macrocell architectures, GSMA […]

IoT is Top of Mind in 2017

With the caveat that we might all turn out to be very wrong, a survey of executives conducted by GSMA suggests that internet of things is, far and away, the area of greatest mobile operator interest for 2017. Conversely, 50 percent  of respondents said that voice is a “low value, bundled service.” About  16 percent […]

Many Solutions for Indoor Coverage

As big a problem as indoor mobile signal reception now is, the magnitude of the problem means significant resources will be devoted to fixing the problem. Those approaches will include Wi-Fi, IP voice support, multiple-input, multiple-output radios, spectrum refarming, use of femtocells,  private LTE or neutral host networks (premises networks that are open to use […]

Spectrum Sharing Likely Above 24 GHz in Asia

At this point, spectrum sharing is slated for study by the World Radio Conference for all communications spectrum above 24.25 GHz, up to 86 GHz. The Asia-Pacific Tele-Community is looking at spectrum sharing in the bands starting at 24 GHz is being studied as well. In addition, the 3.5-GHz band will feature spectrum sharing in the […]

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