5G Fixed Wireless Will be a Big Deal in North America

Most forecasts have initial 5G revenue having the greatest scale in just a few countries, including China, the United States, Japan and South Korea. What is not so clear is the role 5G-based fixed wireless will play in countries outside North America. In the United States and Canada, most homes have access to two facilities-based […]

China, India, Indonesia Drive Global Smartphone Sales

Greater China and a few emerging Asian markets drove sales of smartphones in the second quarter of 2017, say analysts at Gartner. India, Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries drove a year-over-year rise in smartphone sales in the emerging Asia/Pacific group. Smartphone sales in Greater China declined, year over year, primarily due to longer replacement cycles […]

Creating “More Value” is Never Easy

Value really has become the key strategic problem for mobile and fixed network operators, and not even the advice of the smartest consultants offers an easy path forward. Mobile devices and users require “access” to core networks. But it is no longer a certainty that “mobile” networks are required, McKinsey consultants argue. At the physical […]

5G Fixed Wireless Might Generate $40 Billion in 2025

Fixed wireless using  5G networks will generate $1 billion in service revenue by the end of 2019, mostly in the United States, according to researchers at SNS Research. The market is further expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 84 percent between 2019 and 2025, eventually accounting for more than $40 billion […]

Google Launches Wi-Fi Service in Indonesia

After launching its “Google Station” program in India, supplying Wi-Fi to train stations, Google is doing the same in  Indonesia. Google is partnering with internet service providers, venue owners, and system integrators in Indonesia to provide consumers with free access to Wi-Fi at railway stations, universities, and other public areas. In one sense, Google Station […]

How Much IoT Revenue Potential for Service Providers?

One of the biggest debates that has not yet happened surrounds the internet of things revenue potential for mobile and other service providers. While most observers seem to believe IoT will be the key new revenue source for 5G networks, others think the upside is going to be “bleak.” That matters for two major reasons. […]

Telcos Go Up the Stack; App Providers Move Down the Stack

Vanishing boundaries between content network and distributor functions are the best examples of how access providers can “move up the stack” to create value, but also now illustrates how the distribution function–essentially “moving down the stack”–have become important strategic realities in the communications business. For decades, access providers have worked to add more value by […]

No Need for 5G?

At least some observers might have argued that “we do not need 3G.” Some might have argued there “is no need for 4G.” So it is not surprising that some argue there is no need for 5G, either. One argument might be that data growth actually is not as robust as many believe it is. […]

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