Video Drives 70% of Traffic, Growing to 83% by 2020

Video is expected to drive 83 percent of device-based data traffic in 2020 across 10 countries, according to PwC. That is a huge change from the pre-internet era, when voice services drove bandwidth consumption, as well as the PC era, when humans using PCs drove data traffic, or the early smartphone era, when internet web […]

Virtualization a Fundamental Trend in Core and Access Networks

In both the core and access portions of the communications network, virtualization is becoming a fundamental building block for use of all network assets, owned and borrowed. Both the coming 5G mobile networks and core networks using Network Functions Virtualization are examples.  Such sharing has been informal for some time, as exemplified by smartphone Wi-Fi […]

Australia Gets 4th Facilities-Based Mobile Operator

Where it is possible–where the business model works–many would agree that facilities-based competition provides faster innovation and higher consumer benefits than non-facilities-based competition. Such facilities-based competition has been relatively rare in the fixed networks business, and arguably has gotten more difficult, while common in the mobile business. That arguably is mostly because of the high […]

Stranded Assets a Growing Issue for Fixed Network Providers

After 2000, it became increasingly clear that mobile phones were the preferred way most people in the United States and elsewhere wanted to use voice services, as shown by the steady growth of mobile phone use, and the simultaneous abandonment of fixed voice services. That has created a major “stranded assets”problem, as networks covering large […]

Singapore Completes Spectrum Auction, More Coming

Singapore’s telecoms regulator Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has concluded the first phase of a spectrum auction which raised a total of SGD1.14 billion ($816.2 million) for 175 MHz  of spectrum to the nation’s four telcos, including the new supplier TPG Telecom. Singtel will pay S$563.7 million for 75 MHz  of spectrum, including 40 MHz […]

Where Will Shared Spectrum Demand Be Highest?

  How will demand for shared spectrum shape up? Maybe not where you would expect it. Perhaps oddly, the 3.5-GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) being introduced in the U.S. market might see some unusual demand patterns. CBRS uses a three-tier access priority system, with existing licenses having interference protection rights from commercial users, while […]

Industrial IoT Specs Released

The Industrial Internet Consortium has released an extensive white paper on its model for industrial internet of things connectivity. As you might guess, the connectivity model is designed for technology developers, and corresponds, in general, to the Open Systems Interconnect seven-layer model.   As some of us might note, there are business analogies. With the […]

“Too Soon” is a Typical Communications Ecosystem Problem

Sometimes, proposed services or platforms in the communications business are right, just too early. In the mid-1990s “application service providers” tried to make a business out of what we now know as “cloud applications.” The ASP business did not make it. But cloud-based apps were the right idea, and now is commonplace.  Bandwidth on demand […]

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