More Public Wi-Fi for India?

  Public Wi-Fi now is seen as an important way to make fixed network internet access more widely available in India. As always, much will hinge on market dynamics. In many other markets where Wi-Fi offloading is prevalent, the offloading happens when consumers offload to their own personal internet services. In that sense,  high use […]

5G Requires Virtualization of Network Core and Edge

There is no way to describe 5G without reference to the importance of “virtualization.” The biggest changes are that 5G requires virtualization at the edge and in the core of the network. In other words, 5G will build directly on network functions virtualization and software defined networks in the core, but also will operate with a […]

Value from Shared Spectrum, Not Operations?

Spectrum sharing fundamentally is important because it can change the business model for existing and new potential providers of communications services, much as increased availability of unlicensed spectrum likewise allows incumbent and new service providers to create services and revenue streams. In other words, shared spectrum is important because it changes the value and cost […]

DSA Announces Speakers

The  fifth annual Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit, which will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from 9-11 May 2017, will feature: Mr. Pakamile Kayalethu Pongwana, CEO, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) Hon. Hector Huici, Secretary of Communications and Information Technologies, The Ministry of Communications, Argentina Dr. Martha Liliana Suárez Peñaloza, Director, […]

More 5G Spectrum Above 95 GHz?

Spectrum policy is not the only major shaper of access provider business models, but it is, among key influences, arguably the single-greatest determinant of mobile and wireless provider business models, simply because, without spectrum access, no business is possible. That has been the rule in the mobile business globally, up to this point. But there […]

Is Mobile Becoming a Substitute for Wi-Fi?

For decades, observers have wondered and speculated about whether Wi-Fi could be a substitute for mobile data access. Now we might have to ask the reverse question: under what conditions is mobile access a functional substitute for Wi-Fi? The new question comes as all four leading U.S. mobile operators now offer unlimited usage plans. To […]

Networks are Being Further Virtualized

The old distinctions between “my network” and “other networks,” plus the reliance on “my spectrum” versus “any available spectrum” now will change with 5G, even more than has been the case with 4G, A new TIA survey of industry executives suggests. That significant virtualization of spectrum assets and spectrum networks also will accompanied by virtualization […]

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