5G Will Drive Edge Computing

Though 5G often is considered the next mobile air interface, it also is enabled by core network virtualization and even could play a part in boosting edge computing, as mobile networks are used to support many new internet of things applications. For example, today’s service providers have cloud computing requirements to support their own network […]

Private Data Nets, Private Telephone Service, LANs, Wi-Fi, Now Private Cellular

“Private cellular” or “private mobile” networks are among the new possibilities created by new spectrum access methods, most especially license-exempt or shared spectrum. In principle, that could include enterprise voice networks or shared indoor mobile infrastructure. Private networks are far from new. Enterprises always have created their own phone services (private branch exchanges, local area […]

Major Telcos Want 5G NR to Introduce 5G a Year Earlier

A number of large mobile communications companies announced their support for the acceleration of the 5G New Radio (NR)  standardization schedule to enable large-scale trials and deployments as early as 2019, a year earlier than expected. AT&T, NTT DOCOMO, INC., SK Telecom, Vodafone, Ericsson, Qualcomm Technologies, British Telecom, Telstra, Korea Telecom, Intel, LG Uplus, KDDI, […]

Wi-Fi Business Model is Shifting

The Wi-Fi business model historically has been mostly indirect, with a few exceptions, such as business-focused for-fee access services such as Boingo. In most other cases, Wi-Fi has been a feature of in-home or in-office or in-building internet access, or an amenity offered to customers paying for other services (fixed or mobile network internet access, […]

Spectrum Futures Seeks Speakers

Spectrum Futures is an annual conference held by the Pacific Telecommunications Council focusing on the coming revolution in communications spectrum (shared, unlicensed, bonded, licensed, millimeter wave, 5G), with a key emphasis on how it applies across South Asia and Southeast Asia. To be held 18 and 19 September, 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand, Spectrum Futures will […]

FCC Approves Use of LTE-U

The Federal Communications Commission, T-Mobile US, Verizon, Ericsson and Nokia have taken new steps toward a communications business that uses spectrum more efficiently than ever before, in ways more dynamic than ever before, and “converges” licensed and unlicensed spectrum more tightly than in the past. The Federal Communications Commission has authorizes LTE-U, a protocol that […]

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