Spectrum Sharing Changes Business Model

A good portion of the business model for AT&T’s new first responder network will come from spectrum sharing.  Spectrum sharing fundamentally is important because it can change the business model for existing and new potential providers of communications services, much as increased availability of unlicensed spectrum likewise allows incumbent and new service providers to create […]

Internet of Things is Not About the “Things”

One way of understanding why the Internet of Things (and 5G) is important is to view it as the next generation of computing, the long-predicted “era of pervasive computing.” The other insight is that pervasive computing is not built primarily on direct use by humans, but embedded sensors and processing in all manner of devices, […]

IoT Growing at 17% CAGR

Global spending on internet of things (IoT) is forecast by IDC to grow 16.7 percent year over year in 2017, reaching just over $800 billion in revenue. By 2021, global IoT spending is expected to total nearly $1.4 trillion in spending on hardware, software, services, and connectivity, IDC forecasts. The IoT use cases that are […]

What Mobile Market Structure Will Develop in India?

A reasonable person could argue that consolidation was necessary in the Indian mobile market, which has been among the most-competitive in the world, in terms of the number of suppliers. In most other markets the policy issue is whether four leading operators or only three are sufficient to produce innovation, consumer benefits, but also sustain […]

Will IoT Allow Telcos to Move Up the Stack?

AT&T believes that, with a move to pervasive computing (which is one way to describe what “internet of things” is about), there is an inherent ability to embed higher-value operations into the network. “The network itself moves from a connection to an experience that can include the compute,” said John Donovan, AT&T chief strategy officer. […]

How AI Could Drive New Revenue in 5G Era

Artificial intelligence might prove to be a very-important driver of incremental revenue growth for mobile operators in the 5G era, for reasons partly enabled by the advent of 5G. So here’s the logic: AI enables many new use cases and apps, and changes business models and revenue streams. AI is computational intense. For many use […]

Narrowband Might Drive Big New Revenue Streams in 5G Era

Oddly enough, in an industry where the direction of technology development has been towards more and more capacity (“broadband”), the next wave of development includes a key focus on “narrowband” capacity (below 1.5 Mbps, and often in hundreds of kiloHertz per second, not megabits or gigabits per second). But there are other differences. For the […]

Business Model is the Biggest 5G Unknown

5G is among the hottest “buzz words” in the global telecom business for good reasons: it might be transformative in several ways, driving big industry revenue changes; changing the value of network assets and blending “mobile” and “fixed” networks in new ways. Beyond the obvious capabilities of the new network though, is the huge question […]

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