Every Telecom Product has a Life Cycle

One of the “problems” with being early to commercialize any important product  is that one reaches the maturity phase of the product sooner than others. That arguably is the case for mobile internet access  services, voice and messaging for NTT Docomo and mobile operators in the United Kingdom. To be clear, many  mobile operators, in […]

Internet Access Cord Cutting?

Even if most of the attention in popular media is about “cord cutting” related to linear video subscriptions, internet access  cord cutting arguably is an equally-big potential issue. According to Magid’s 2017 Mobile Lifestyle Study, an annual study of 2,500 U.S. consumers that focuses on emerging trends in the mobile market, more than three in […]

End of Scarcity as a Foundation of Telecom Business Model?

The global mobile business, like its predecessor fixed line networks business, was built on scarcity. Monopoly regulation created scarcity by policy decision, allowing only one firm to lawfully provide telecom services in a country. The whole business model therefore was shaped by the deliberate lack of competition. But there are other forms of scarcity. Even […]

Indoor Mobile Access: No One Size Fits All

As always seems to be the case, no single “indoor” mobile access approach is “perfect.” In large part, that is because venues vary so much in size. So, as is always the case for any access or in-building distribution network, the solution has to succeed on both cost and capability dimensions. Looking only at the […]

How Much of 5G will Use Shared Spectrum Access?

How much of tomorrow’s 5G business will be based on use of unlicensed spectrum in a direct sense? And how much activity will be be produced by traditional mobile operators, compared to new providers that might more resemble Boingo or even Wi-Fi hotspots. By at least some estimates, it is possible that neutral host or […]

Why 5G is Coming So Fast

As part of my recent chairing of the broadband conference  at CommunicAsia for the Pacific Telecommunications Council, I made a couple of short presentations on why I believe internet of things and 5G are so important, and coming so fast. It was a simple argument, if not immediately obvious in a region where, in many […]

Global Infrastructure Costs are Going to Keep Dropping

When observers say the “cost” of supplying telecom services is “too high,” and must be made more affordable, the obvious and direct implication is that somewhere in the supply ecosystem, some participants are going to see a reduction in value and revenue, allowing the final end product–internet access–to be provided to “everyone,” at prices they […]

Mobile Data Reaching U.S. Peak

If you take the long view, some “news” items are not surprising. If you observe that mobile data revenues are peaking, then it is not too surprising when a decline occurs. Analyst Chetan Sharma notes that U.S. mobile data services revenue had seen quarter-over-quarter growth for 17 straight years until the first quarter of 2017 […]

Move Fast or Go Slow on 5G?

Service providers differ on the importance of moving fast to 5G, a difference that was true when some had reasons for going slower on 4G to maximize the value of 3G investments. There are, to be sure, reasons to develop the full set of standards, rather than portions of the standard that can be put […]

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