How Many More Big New Business Models Can 5G Create?

How many big new business models can be developed in the mobile and untethered access industries as 5G launches? Up to this point, there has not been much business model innovation since the advent of mobile virtual network operators, beyond mobile internet access. Some have experimented with “content-centric” approaches, with a little success. A few […]

Project Loon Makes a Breakthrough

Project Loon engineers now have tweaked control algorithms to allow the sending of  small teams of balloons to form a cluster over a specific region, Google now says. As a direct result, Project Loon will be able to “put together a Loon network over a particular region in weeks not months, and it would be […]

Eventually, Service Providers Run Out of Customers

There are not many telecom markets globally where present revenues actually are lower than they were a decade ago, or even five years ago. In many cases, that is because net new customers are a huge driver of growth. In some markets, though, new customers are scarce. That is one reason why so many believe […]

What Will SoftBank do with Sprint?

SoftBank Chairman Masayoshi Son seems to be signaling a rational approach to any proposed transaction regarding Sprint. In the past, SoftBank has tried to act as the acquirer of T-Mobile US. And though many (including investment bankers who profit from any transactions of this sort) believe SoftBank might make another run at T-Mobile US, the […]

Free is a Powerful Price Point

“Free” is a compelling price point for any product consumers really want to buy. “Free” is why so many mobile users default to Wi-Fi access when they can. “Free” is why so many use over-the-top messaging or voice services. “Free” also can change consumer behavior. Consider Reliance Jio customer use of Wi-Fi, which is quite […]

Telstra LIghting Gigabit LTE Service

Telstra is switching on gigabit 4G service in the Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane areas in mid-February 2017, with Adelaide and Perth slated to join later in 2017. As Telstra has been doing since 2013, Telstra has been bonding more spectrum to achieve the higher speeds. Telstra used LTE Advanced carrier aggregation in late 2013 to […]

Mobile Will Drive $4 Trillion to $11 Trillion in Economic Benefit by 2025

By 2025, mobile and other telecom technologies could have significant impact on health applications, manufacturing, mining, information technology, software, applications and transportation, according to McKinsey analysts, with the impact from mobility alone contributing between $4 billion and $11 billion in economic impact. Other related technologies, including Internet of Things and cloud computing, both essential to […]

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