5G Will be Quite Different From Earlier Mobile Generations

It is easy to argue that 5G is different from prior mobile network generations. It is the first network intentionally designed to serve non-human users; the first to support gigabit speeds to every connected device; yet also the first to simultaneously support low-bandwidth apps and devices consuming very little power; the first air interface built […]

Mobile Bandwidth Will be Abundant, Revenue Will be Capped

John de Ridder at IT Wire asks a couple of important questions about a possible end to scarcity of mobile bandwidth; price points for mobile bandwidth that could make mobile data usage a substitute product for fixed internet access, and at least conceptually, the idea that mobile might, in the 5G era, become a functional […]

Spectrum Prices Must Fall in 5G Era

Spectrum prices are going to quite important in the 5G era, for fundamental reasons related to changing mobile business models. Higher network investment and limited revenue upside are among the key issues. The next generation of 5G networks will cost more than 3G and 4G networks did, in part because they will use small cells. […]

5G Spectrum Will be Close to “All of the Above”

Even if it is possible to say that each generation of mobile networks has used a new and specific set of spectrum resources, that pattern will be broken by 5G, if only because so many different bands will be used. What will be new are millimeter wave resources. But refarming and some new low-band spectrum […]

Virtualized Core Networks Essential for 5G

Among the expected upsides of new virtualized core networks is support for virtual networks that can be optimized by customer. The virtualized feature known as network slicing allows virtual private networks to be created across the core, and through the 5G radio network, to support different mobile virtual network operator customers, for example. Network slicing […]

Will 5G Be “As Big as the Internet?”

It never is hard to hear big numbers when economists study the economic impact of a technology, industry or innovation. So it is that analysts at IHS Markit have argued that 5G will be as impactful as were railroads, the automobile or the internet itself, generating up to $12 trillion of global economic activity in […] Launches 700 New Wi-Fi Hotspots in India, 20,000 More Coming has launches its Express Wi-Fi service, lighting close to 700 Wi-Fi hotspots across the four Indian states of Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Meghalaya. Express Wi-Fi is currently live in five countries: India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Indonesia. Bharti Airtel will launch an additional 20,000 Express Wi-Fi  hotspots over the next few months. In addition to its […]

How Big a Revenue Boost from IoT?

Internet of things access revenue might be quite smaller than many expect, in part because many of the connected sensors are going to use existing connections. On the other hand, an incremental $28 billion worth of global Iot-driven access revenue (in 2025) will be helpful. At that point, IoT access revenue might represent about three […]

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