Zero Rating and Paid Prioritization Remain Contentious, in Part Because They are Difficult

Regulators, service and app providers tend to disagree about the danger “zero rating” (allowing consumer use of some apps without usage charges). Many regulators think the practice is anti-competitive. So do some smaller app providers. Many internet service providers believe the tactic has great potential for increasing mobile internet adoption. Though it is a different […]

Will “Neutral Host” be Key for Small Cell Deployments?

Service provider thinking about infrastructure sharing always is intimately and directly related to their perceptions of business advantage. Actors will favor sharing when economic or business advantage can be obtained, and will oppose it when there is perceived harm. New questions will arise as small networks become essential for 5G networks. In many markets and […]

4.7 Billion IoT Connected Devices Shipped in 2020?

By 2020, nearly two billion devices with mobile connections capability, 2.7 billion devices that can connect to one or another low-power communications network and 3.3 billion devices with Wi-Fi capability will be shipped, or more than eight billion total devices in one year, according to IHS Markit. If correct, and if all those devices are […]

Gigabit LTE? Yes, AT&T Says

Gigabit 5G internet access speeds, with a migration to 10-Gbps, are part of the developing standards for that new platform. But mobile operators globally are working to develop gigabit versions of 4G networks as well. AT&T COO John Donovan said at a Citi conference early in January 2017 that the company would make use of […]

LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum? Yes, Says MulteFire Alliance

The MulteFire Alliance, developing a platform for Long Term Evolution 4G services entirely based on unlicensed spectrum, or in a shared spectrum environment, announced the completion of its Release 1.0 specification. That could be a crucial capability for some new mobile providers who base their access strategy substantially on use of Wi-Fi or other unlicensed […]

Marginal Cost Pricing a Huge Business Issue for All Telcos

Marginal cost pricing is now, and has been, a huge business model problem for capital-intensive communications infrastructure providers. Marginal cost pricing involves selling incremental units at incremental cost to produce those units, not including the amortization of the actual network build. The hope is that the seller eventually can recoup sunk costs eventually. Whether that […]

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