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There is growing support globally for allocating the 1.4 GHz to 1.5 GHz band to mobile communications, GSMA argues.

GSMA expects action on that item at the upcoming WRC-15 meeting in November. As often is the case, different industries potentially will be affected. At the moment, those frequencies are assigned for various satellite and military communications purposes.

“There is currently almost unanimous support for 1427-1518 MHz (the L-band) in the Americas and in Europe (excluding Russia and CIS countries), Africa and the Arab States, GSMA notes.

The situation in the Asia-Pacific region is more fragmented with support mainly coming from higher income countries in the region.

In a study conducted for the GSMA, Plum Consulting estimates an initial 40 MHz (downlink) will be in commercial use in Europe and Latin America in 2018 and in Africa and Asia Pacific in 2020.

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