Spectrum Futures, a Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) initiative, explores the ways 5G, millimeter wave, spectrum policy, wireless and mobile platforms shape the communications business, its networks, services, and future.

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    Connectivity service providers these days often use words such as “experience” or “personalization” or “seamless integration” or “user defined” or “advanced features” when describing the value of [...]

    Spectrum Futures 2017 - Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit

    Spectrum Futures 2017

    18–19 September 2017
    Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit
    Bangkok, Thailand

    Spectrum Futures 2016 - Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Spectrum Futures 2016

    19-21 October 2016
    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Spectrum Futures 2015 - M Hotel Singapore

    Spectrum Futures 2015

    10-11 September 2015
    M Hotel Singapore

    Spectrum Futures 2017

    18–19 September | Bangkok

    Providing attendees a deep dive on 5G, with tutorials and sessions led by global experts.

    No Spectrum, No Success

    The telecom industry has entered a new era.
    Would you want to be the first to know how to leap beyond the apocalypse?

    The Problems With Success

    5G provides the first inkling of what is coming. Different customers, new revenue streams, different business models, a change in the economics of gigabit Internet and access networks. Be the first to know.

    No Spectrum, No Success

    How do we supply orders of magnitude, more spectrum in South and Southeast Asia?

    The Problems With Success

    What happens when we connect billions of new users?

    Can networks handle the success?

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