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China, India, and Indonesia will account for almost half of new Internet subscribers globally over the next five years. Most will use mobile connections.

Globally, subscriptions are forecast to grow at two percent annually through 2020. Mobile subscriptions will grow an order of magnitude faster.

And 44 percent of all global users will live in Asia.

About 63 percent of all people using the Internet in 2016 will do so from a mobile phone, researchers at International Data Corporation (IDC ) estimate.

Some 3.2 billion people, or 44 percent of the world’s population, will have access to the Internet in 2016, IDC says. More than two billion will be using mobile devices to do so.

“Over the next five years global growth in the number of people accessing the Internet exclusively through mobile devices will grow by more than 25 percent per year,” said Scott Strawn, IDC program director.

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