Higher 5G ARPU? Maybe

Asking whether mobile operators can earn more from 5G than 4G, though a logical question, turns out to be the wrong question. The real question is whether mobile operators can grow revenues faster than they have been in recent years, raise the perceived value of their services, sell at higher [...]

60 GHz Communications: When a Bug is a Feature

Sometimes a bug  can be a feature. Perhaps, more commonly, a bug is an implicit end user request for a feature not originally envisioned. In the radio communications world, high signal attenuation is typically considered a problem, hence a “bug.” Consider atmospheric signal attenuation around [...]

How Big a Private Networks Opportunity?

How big an opportunity is private 5G or private 4G networking, and for whom? To the extent that all premises private networks have been most important and valuable for networking infrastructure companies, local area networks such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet LANs have not been a particularly big drive [...]

6G Will Build on 5G

Beyond higher bandwidth, lower latency and massive device connectivity, what else might 6G mobile networks offer? SoftBank, at least at this point, envisions one outcome most expect: the interworking of literally every available access platform, terrestrial or in space.  But SoftBank also [...]

Will 5G Increase ARPU?

It is not yet clear whether 5G average revenue per user or per account will be higher, the same or eventually lower than 4G services, as much as mobile operators hope for “higher” numbers. And even where 5G ARPU is higher, the reason might be a shift in buyer behavior about data plans more than [...]

5G Viewed as DX Platform

Industrial enterprise executives tell Capgemini they see 5G as a platform for digital transformation, and also suggest edge computing and network slicing are key for those use cases. Network slicing offers guaranteed quality of service through the core network, in the access network and on the [...]

AT&T Moves 5G Core to Microsoft Azure Cloud

AT&T will move its 5G core network to the Microsoft cloud. The switch means Microsoft’s Azure Cloud provides a path for all of AT&T’s mobile network traffic to be managed using Microsoft Azure technologies.  As is typical for many outsourcing deals, the provider of the outsourced [...]

Will MEC Change Private Networking Choices?

Multi-access edge computing could affect public and private networking choices, at least when enterprises look at use cases requiring high-performance, low-latency, high-availability and high device density performance.  Traditionally, private networks have been preferred when enterprises want [...]

Enterprise 5G Activity Shifts to System Integrators

Enterprise private networks long have been a lucrative field for system integrators. And that pattern already seems to be emerging for enterprise private 5G networks. A study by BearingPoint suggests mobile service providers are winning fewer enterprise 5G projects than anticipated a year ago, [...]

5G Capex Will be Phased, as Will Revenue

Nothing better illustrates the vast change in telco business models, attitudes towards capital investment and operating costs than the situation facing executives in the post-monopoly world. Under monopoly rules, service providers operated under simple rate of return rules that guaranteed a [...]

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