2018 IoT Spending $773 Billion

Global spending on Internet of Things sensors, software and services will reach $772.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 14.6 percent over the $674 billion that will be spent in 2017, Gartner predicts. IoT hardware will be the largest technology category in 2018 with $239 billion going largely [...]

Competitive markets are different from monopoly markets in lots of ways, including the “cost” and “profit” of building different types of networks or the “cost” of identical networks. Consider this comparison by Ovum researchers of the relative costs of a new fiber-to-home network versus a new [...]

Spectrum is Beachfront Property

Communications spectrum often is said to be “beachfront property,” the notion being that location determines value and therefore price. But supply and demand also influence perceptions of value, and hence, price. Millimeter wave commercialization means “we are making more beach.” So vastly [...]

Growth Now is the Key Issue

Growth now is the key strategic issue in the global telecom business, even in the mobility segment that has driven revenue growth for decades. And there are several dimensions. For a business that has been driven by “connecting more people” in emerging markets, growth prospects will shift to [...]

3UK Believes Fixed Wireless Will be a Big Deal

Predictably, proponents of 5G as a product substitute for fixed network internet access are met with highly-skeptical objections. Not surprisingly, proponents stand to gain financially if substitution happens, while skeptics stand to lose. You can put 3UK in the camp that believes 5G will be an [...]

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