One Way T-Mobile Sells the Intangible

The T-Mobile US Free 30-DayTest Drive offer, which allows potential customers to experience its 4G network, is one concrete solution for allowing people to evaluate a product they cannot see, touch, hear, smell, taste or otherwise directly evaluate.  As with all other intangible products, [...]

5G Will be as Extensive as 4G in Five to 10 Years

Based on where 5G is in Gartner’s enterprise networking hype cycle, “5G is five to 10 years away” from the point at which the real-world benefits are demonstrated and accepted, and the rapid growth phase of adoption begins, Gartner says.  Another way of describing where we are is that 5G will [...]

Will 5G Boost Mobile ARPU?

Will 5G command a price premium? Almost certainly, in the early going, as the early adopters will tend to be business customers, who can, and will, pay more, as well as early adopter consumers, who likewise have a propensity to pay more for their technology products, compared to later [...]

Which Business Model for Network Slicing?

The business model for 5G network slicing could, in principle, take two different paths. It could be a way for service providers to create customized private networks for their customers. It might also become a wholesale product used by customers to create and control their own services, sort [...]

5G Spectrum Need is Highly Unequal

Many discussions of 5G spectrum seem to center on where all the capacity will come from. The confusion is understandable. If every area where 5G is made available has to support the sorts of speeds millimeter wave small cells will support, there are serious questions. But 5G capacity will not [...]

Is Fixed Wireless the Killer App for 5G?

Whether 5G ever will have a “killer app” remains an open question, though one can argue that each successive new mobile generation has had use modes characteristic to itself that were not seen in the prior generation. Voice was the first generation killer app. Text messaging was added in 2G. [...]

4G Value is Simply Lower Cost per Bit

One way of looking at the business value of 5G is to note simply that it enables cost per gigabyte low enough to support coming business models where much more mobile data must be provided, at roughly the same prices as present service plans.  Data delivered by a 4G LTE macrocell costs about [...]

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