Higher Mobile Capex?

Mobility has been for a couple of decades the revenue driver for the global telecom industry, in some cases representing as much as 100 percent of revenue growth overall. But growth rates are slowing, everywhere, as more consumers become customers in every country and region, choking off the [...]

5G Will Lead to Higher Revenues, in Some Markets

Many observers might agree that it will be difficult to boost consumer revenue from 5G by simply raising prices, compared to 4G. But there are other ways to do so. Among the proven ways is to entice customers to upgrade their accounts to more-costly service plans. AT&T and Verizon, for [...]

5G Reaches 5% Adoption

“5G networks are now nearing a critical mass of global commercial network deployments and subscribers,” according to 5G Americas. According to Omdia, the world added 385.5 million 5G subscribers between the fourth quarter of 2019 and fourth quarter of 2020 to reach 401 million 5G connections [...]

New 5G Revenue Expectations Might be Too High

A new report issued by the by BCG for the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association suggests new use cases enabled by 5G will generate nearly 66 percent of total “telco” revenues by 2025. source: ETNO It is not entirely clear what that claim means. In the context of an argument [...]

80/20 Rule in Action

This is a good illustration of the Pareto theorem, which states that 80 percent of instances or outcomes in business or nature come from 20 percent of the cases or effort. The Pareto theorem is popularly known as the 80/20 rule .  Of the 83 challengers in 20 telecom markets analyzed by Bain [...]

Mobile Speed Still Affected by Fixed Network

Mobile network speeds have not historically matched fixed network speed increases, in large part because mobile spectrum has been sharply limited, while cabled networks can, in principle, use all the spectrum typically available to all over-the-air wireless networks, plus additional spectrum in [...]

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Value

Dynamic spectrum sharing can be thought of in a number of ways. It is a way of shifting spectrum to 5G uses in instances where many customers, but a declining number, use the 4G platform. It is a 4G-to-5G transition mechanism, supporting 5G operations until mid-band spectrum can be deployed for [...]

C-Band is Table Stakes for U.S. Mobile Operators

Ignoring for the moment access to the millimeter wave spectrum, the impact of the U.S. C-band auction of 280 MHz spectrum is considerable and likely foundational for U.S. 5G prospects. The reason is simply that the mid-band spectrum offers the best combination of 5G coverage and capacity gains. [...]

Speed Might Not be the Key 5G Value Driver

Speed still seems a more-important buying criteria than speed, for mobile customers, at least when the choices are data speeds or availability of 5G service.  That goes for business and consumer users, according to RootMetrics. Other studies suggest reliability might be more important than [...]

5G+ Makes Sense

5G+ is as good a way as any to assess the value 5G might produce. Bell Labs Consulting uses “5G+” as an umbrella term for a broad ecosystem of technologies that will unlock the future economic potential of industry. And that makes sense for observers who argue that 5G is but part of a complex [...]

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