Is There Really a Race to 5G?

By now it is obvious that a few countries and service providers are in a “race” to be first with 5G. It also is clear most countries and service providers do not share that sense of imperative. In the few cases where deployment will be pushed, there are reasons for the sense of urgency. Some [...]

IoT Connectivity Revenues Will be Rather Low

It remains very much unclear how important internet of things revenue will be for most mobile operators building 5G networks. And one big problem is that opportunities “up the stack,” beyond connectivity, will be highly fragmented. And highly-fragmented opportunities are difficult [...]

Peak Telecom is Near

Analysts differ on precisely when global mobile industry revenue will reach its peak, and then begin to decline. But we are growing closer to that point. Some believe the peak already has been reached. That bears emphasis. Global telecom revenue has been driven by mobile revenue for a couple of [...]

Can Mobile-Only Strategy Work? If So, Where?

Can a “mobile-only” business strategy succeed when markets reach saturation? In other words, once every potential customer already buys the service, can some combination of higher usage, new products or vertical integration offset pricing and profit pressures in zero-sum markets where market [...]

Big Shift Back to Enterprises for New Revenue Growth

Over the last 20 years, if you wanted to know what was driving internet ecosystem revenue, you had to look to the consumer segment. It was the consumer app and platform suppliers that drove growth overall, while telco revenue growth was driven by consumer mobility and internet access revenues. [...]

What Will 5G Cost?

Some observers believe most service providers will not be easily able to build 5G networks because they will be so expensive. Others are more sanguine, arguing that there are many reasons why 5G could wind up costing no more than 4G, a slight increase to 4G, or perhaps even less than 4G. At [...]

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