5G Might be Different from All Prior “G”s

In purely technical terms, every digital mobile generation (3G, 4G, 5G) has produced an order of magnitude increase in bandwidth and an order of magnitude decrease in latency. Each next-generation network has used more advanced coding and modulation, partly responsible for the increased [...]

Enterprise 5G Value Will Change Over Time

Despite lots of presently-hypothetical use cases, much of the early enterprise demand for 5G still relies on the traditional value of “more capacity,” even if the long-term value will tend to be built around latency performance. New enterprise use cases will develop, but require the [...]

Scale Really Does Matter

Virtually every business achieves lower costs per unit with greater scale, at least in part because fixed costs can be amortized over a bigger base of customers or units sold. The converse also is true: diminishing scale can lead to higher costs, all other things being equal, because fixed [...]

5G Killer Apps?

Many would argue there is likely to be no single “killer app” for 5G, as some argued there was no single killer app for 4G. That is not to say some obvious lead use cases are not foreseeable. Many could agree that 3G’s lead app was mobile web access, while 4G’s lead use [...]

Way Too Early to Assess 5G Value

Despite the fact that we are only at the beginning of the 5G era, some say it already is a big failure. It is easy to argue such views are premature, if predictable. The networks themselves are under construction, and such massive projects take years to complete. So availability is limited.  [...]

No Product Lasts Forever

This graph showing 3G (and what remains of 2G) subscriptions, compared to 4G, shows a fundamental principle: no product lasts forever. Demand for any existing product eventually saturates and declines, so new products must be created before the inevitable decline of whatever products presently [...]

Is 5G B2B Revenue Upside Overstated?

It always matters how a question is asked, but some might be more than a little surprised at the findings from an Omdia survey of expectations about 5G, cited by BearingPoint. Survey respondents expect that as much as 73 percent of 5G revenues will be driven by business, enterprise and [...]

Millimeter Wave Changes Speed Experience

Millimeter wave spectrum matters, as a quick comparison of mobile network speeds shows. Verizon, basing its 5G rollout initially on millimeter wave spectrum, handily beats the other U.S. networks using 2.5 GHz, 850 MHz or 600 MHz frequencies. It is just physics: low frequency spectrum has [...]

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