Midband Spectrum Emerging as Key for 5G

Though it has not be the case in the past, midband spectrum now seems to be emerging as a key underpinning for 5G services globally, and that might provide incentives for many parts of the U.S. ecosystem to agree on prioritizing new ways of using resources in the midband. U.S. 5G spectrum has [...]

5G Launches in South Korea

South Korea has launched 5G.  The pricing plans are the important aspect. KT seems committed to unlimited usage. SK Telecom and LG Plus seem to prefer big buckets of usage.  At least in principle, KT could gain subscribers if consumers decide they really need unlimited usage. But the biggest [...]

What New Use Cases Will Emerge with 5G?

Will use cases, business models, revenues and value of 5G networks be similar to, or different from, 5G? Different, some say. Whether quantitative changes can create qualitative changes is the issue. For consumers, 5G eventually will mean both lower latency and an order of magnitude (or more) [...]

Volvo Tests Industrial 5G Network

5G might not be a full replacement for Wi-Fi in all settings, but it is likely to happen in at least some industrial settings where manufacturers want greater control over latency performance of their local area networks when using sensors, automated equipment and production processes. [...]

Bonding 4G and 5G Spectrum

Spectrum aggregation now is among the major new methods mobile operators will use in the 5G and succeeding eras to dramatically boost capacity by orders of magnitude over 4G. Networks will aggregate spectrum within frequency bands, across frequency bands; interwork licensed spectrum with [...]

How Much Demand for 5G, Really?

Consumers say they want 5G. Sure they do, just like they tell researchers they want all sorts of things, when price is not an object. Of course, price and value do matter, quite a lot. After they weigh higher 5G device costs, they might not actually be so willing to switch, at least at first. [...]

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