5G Networks Will Not Cost as Much as Many Fear

It was easier to find skeptics about 5G capital investment costs a few years ago, when some predicted service providers could not afford 5G at all, because of the huge increase in cell sites an backhaul requirements. But service providers have found many ways to contain costs, in part by [...]

Wi-Fi Offload in 5G Era

The amount of traffic offloaded from smartphones will be 59 percent by 2022, and the amount of traffic offloaded from tablets will be 72 percent. Some have speculated that Wi-Fi offload would be less relevant after 4G networks are in place because of the faster speeds and more abundant [...]

Will 5G Replace Wi-Fi?

Over the past 20 years (some time after consumer Wi-Fi was launched about 1997)  there has been a recurring–if now relatively muted–theme in the wireless access business: is Wi-Fi a substitute for mobile access? The 2006 launch of Fon showed the degree of commercial interest. In [...]

How Dense Will 5G Backhaul Need to Be?

Everyone seems to agree that mobile 5G networks using millimeter wave spectrum will require denser backhaul networks, as the millimeter waves will not reach as far as lower-frequency spectrum. How much new fiber will be required depends on how much smaller the cell sites are, existing assets to [...]

Back to Monopoly?

The global telecom industry began to move from monopoly to competition in the late 1980s and early 1990s. So in some cases we now are 40 years into that process, and most countries have telecom markets that are competitive in most respects. But we might be on the cusp of something maybe we did [...]

Jio Wins, Vodafone Idea Loses in October 2018

Reliance Jio was the big winner, and Vodafone Idea the big loser for net account additions in India’s mobile services market in October 2018, according to TRAI. Though the industry gained a net 725,000 accounts, virtually all the gains were made by Reliance Jio. BSNL got a small percentage of [...]

Mobile Behavior is a Proxy for Creditworthiness

The digital footprint any mobile user leaves can equal or exceed the information content of credit bureau scores, a team of researchers claims. In other words, it is possible to determine creditworthiness. The issue is the extent to which mobile service providers or their partners have in their [...]

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