Too Early to Really Evaluate 5G “Success”

In some ways, it is premature to evaluate the value of 5G, as the networks are still early in deployment (or non-existent) in most countries. Early in 2023, for example, only about 35 percent of humans globally had the option of buying 5G service from at least one mobile service provider. And [...]

From “We Connect You” to What?

As “nobody wants to be known as a telco anymore, so no connectivity provider wants its value proposition to be some version of “we connect you.” Increasingly, we hear calls to rebrand as something else. Just what that something else could be is a matter of significant [...]

Why Can’t Mobility be More Like Ethernet?

Some now wonder why mobile network generations cannot more fully resemble the ways optical fiber transceiver development and Ethernet standards increase capacity over time. As optical transceivers moved through 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps to 40 Gbps to 100 Gbps, and Ethernet boosted speeds from 10 Mbps [...]

Yes, 5G is Overhyped. So will 6G be Overhyped

It is clear why infrastructure suppliers tout all the new features 5G can provide, compared to 4G: it helps such firms sell their products. It also is obvious why mobile operators tout 5G: it helps them convince regulators to commit additional spectrum (capacity) for use by mobile operators. [...]

No More Mobile “Gs?”

To some extent, the mobile connectivity industry already is moving towards a “reuse rather than replace” mode for its development of next-generation networks. For example,  6G will build on 5G as 5G was built on 4G. 5G networks were designed to be compatible with 4G core networks, for example. [...]

Can Connectivity Providers Become Platforms?

Can mobile service providers become “platforms?” Can they change their revenue models to move beyond connectivity and subscriptions? That question often is in the background of all efforts to “move up the value chain,” enter new parts of the internet ecosystem, radically change [...]

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