Will 5G Attack Australia NBN?

Will 5G displace NBN or complement the Australian NBN network? Much arguably depends on pricing. And full mobile substitution is not actually the bigger danger, but the degree of substitution. In competitive markets, share shifts of 10 points can mean the difference between profit and loss. It [...]

Mobile Will Drive Internet Access Substitution

Some observers are relatively unconcerned about the potential impact of 5G and other untethered access offers on fixed internet take rates and subscriber volume. Reliance Jio’s massive disruption of the mobile industry might also suggest that untethered access is subject to mobile and wireless [...]

Unlimited Usage Decreases Use of Wi-Fi

If supply and demand matter, and when access speeds are high enough,  then it is easy to predict that consumers using unlimited usage plans, all other things being equal, will use less Wi-Fi for access. That appears to be the case in the U.S. market, where unlimited usage plans now are offered [...]

What, if Anything, Would “5G Leadership” Mean?

In economic terms, 3G often is said to have been “lead by Europe,” and 4G often is said to have been “lead by the United States.” So a new report commissioned by CTIA argues that “China, South Korea, and the United States are currently leading the race to 5G.” That term most applies to the […]

It is Hard to Compete with “Free”

“Free” is a difficult price point in most markets. But free voice forever is among the pricing and packaging foundations for Reliance Jio’s fierce attack on India’s mobile market structure. Price leadership is another foundation. RJio says it will reduce tariffs by another 20 percent whenever a [...]

5G Will be a Hybrid

Major network transitions tend to be hybrids. So it will be with 5G. Though most believe 4G will continue to anchor “coverage” requirements, 5G clearly will represent upside for capacity requirements and low-latency apps. In other words, 5G will largely complement 4G, not displace it, in the [...]

Who Do Telcos Believe They Compete Against?

Industry competitors normally pay money to track their market share versus their “real” competitors. The problem is that, in rapidly-changing and porous new markets, the legacy competitors–even when they are the most benchmarked firms–are not the strategic competitors. [...]

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