Where is the Next Big Mobile Revenue Driver?

Mobile service provider revenue growth rates over the past decade have fallen from a range of six to seven percent to less than 1.5 percent, though rates are higher in some countries. That arguably is the single greatest issue mobile operators face, though not for the first time.  source: GSMA [...]

Two New Studies Find 5G is Quite Safe

A new study and set of standards from an international body essentially says “5G is safe” in terms of health hazards. In fact, actual transmit levels for 5G are about one percent of the limits now set by the group.  The ICNIRP Guidelines on Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields are for [...]

Can IoT Devices Operate with No Batteries?

Can IoT, Wi-Fi, low power wide area or maybe someday mobile IoT devices operate with such low battery draw that battery life literally can reach a decade? And how can that be done? Perhaps even more futuristically, can IoT devices be designed to operate without any power sources of their own? [...]

What Comes Next?

No business strategy lasts forever. Five decades ago, profits were driven by long distance calling and the base business was selling monopoly voice to everyone. Sometime in the 1980s the revenue and profit growth shifted from fixed network long distance to mobility. Fixed network operators [...]

Is Private 5G Boon or Bane for Mobile Operators?

It is at present very difficult to determine whether private 5G, operated by enterprises or neutral host providers will, on balance, help or harm mobile service provider revenues. One might use the analogy of Wi-Fi, historically the province of private networks, as an example. It is doubtful if [...]

5G Revenue Gains Will be Slight, At First

Way too much is made of near-term potential revenue gains for mobile service providers because of 5G. Keep in mind that nearly every 5G account replaces an existing 4G account. When a 5G account generates more revenue for a mobile service provider, it might sometimes be for a mix of reasons, [...]

Early SpaceX Test in North America?

One often thinks of satellite communications being most valuable for reaching customers in highly isolated locations where fixed networks are impossible to build or merely too expensive. That often includes wide parts of the developing world. But SpaceX might get an early test of demand for its [...]

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