5G+ Makes Sense

5G+ is as good a way as any to assess the value 5G might produce. Bell Labs Consulting uses “5G+” as an umbrella term for a broad ecosystem of technologies that will unlock the future economic potential of industry. And that makes sense for observers who argue that 5G is but part of a complex [...]

U.S. C-Band Auction Ends

Most of the stories you will see about the U.S. C-band auction will emphasize the sheer amount of money spent to acquire some of the 280 MHz of spectrum. The auction will set a new record for spending in a single auction, to be sure. The reason is that the Federal Communications Commission has [...]

Where is “Home?” Why IoT, AI Play a Role

As 5G continues to deploy globally, the focus now shifts to how 5G, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will be monetized. What are the 5G value propositions and business models for consumers, enterprises and service providers? And there is a reason Jefferson Wang, Accenture [...]

Turning a Bug Into a Feature

In 2001 the Federal Communications Commission created a new unlicensed band of seven GigaHertz worth of spectrum between 57 and 64 GHz, available for wireless communications. The 60-GHz wireless band was likely chosen for unlicensed use at least in part because of the high signal attenuation. [...]

Why U.S. 5G Will Get Much Better

Building a nationwide next-generation network across a continent-sized country always takes a while. It arguably takes a bit longer when the spectrum assets needed to do so must be patiently assembled over a period of time. And that arguably is precisely what AT&T and Verizon face with 5G. [...]

Telecom Execs Hold Leaky Buckets

As hard as it might be to envision, mobile services that now drive revenue growth in the global telecom business will not always do so. The reason is that connectivity firms selling directly to enterprises, smaller businesses and consumers are holding leaky buckets. Stick to the services [...]

5G Business Model Never Was in Serious Doubt

Many mobile service provider executives have professed concern about the business model for 5G, which might be considered misplaced, given industry history. That makes sense for the net new use cases and revenue models that might be possible: those business models must be built. source: [...]

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