Spectrum Might be the Key Mobile Asset

“Assets” and “value” are not the same thing. The former can be shown on financial statements; the latter not so much. And an argument might be made that mobile operator asset value is becoming more driven by spectrum licenses and troves than other network-related [...]

New Thinking on Asset Ownership

Structural separation of retail opeations from network ownership was a bigger idea several decades ago than at present, even if a handful of markets have moved that way in a formal sense in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The key idea is to create an independent [...]

5G Being Adopted as Fast, or Faster, than 4G

Despite some criticism of 5G value at the moment, 5G subscriptions are on a growth trajectory that seems at least the equal of 4G and arguably is happening faster. And most forecasts fast 5G adoption compared to 3G, for example, on the model of 4G, which also was adopted faster than 3G.   [...]

Disaggregation and 5G

Most observers now seem to agree that 5G incremental revenue is likely to come in a few ways: new enterprise use cases; fixed wireless access and some incremental shift of consumer service plans. But only fixed wireless allows immediate opportunities to vertically integrate and [...]

How Much Savings from Open RAN?

Proponents of open approaches to radio access networks tout its cost savings. Opponents often argue the savings will be not as great as claimed. Much hinges on assumptions about radio access network cost. Some argue the radio access network represents 70 percent of capital investment. Others [...]

Which ISPs will LEO Compete With Most?

Low earth orbit satellite constellations such as Spacelink will allow satellite broadband provides to serve 3.5 million subscribers in 2021, growing at an eight-percent compound annual growth rate to reach 5.2 million users in 2026, according to ABI Research. To keep that in perspective, in [...]

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