Will 5G Era Feature Speed Tiers?

Will 5G allow mobile operators to create speed tiers as fixed networks routinely offer? And, if so, will the differentiated products help create value and differentiation? The notion that 5G retail packages could be created on the model of fixed network services (speed tiers rather than simply [...]

What Blockchain Is, and Is Not

Blockchain is one of those concepts one hears about all the time (artificial intelligence and machine learning also), is likely destined to be important in the communications industry, but in ways that are not always intuitive, or necessarily visible to most practitioners. It is rather akin to [...]

Indoor Coverage is the New Battle Ground

In the era of 5G millimeter wave communications, one long-standing problem in wireless communications will assume new importance: indoor signal coverage. That has gotten to be a bigger issue as mobile communications have migrated up from 800 MHz into the 2-GHz range, and will increase as we [...]

Connectivity Is Not Enough

Comcast, AT&T, Reliance Jio and SingTel are among the more-salient tier-one suppliers that aim to recreate their businesses, taking new positions elsewhere in the value chain, rather than relying solely on connectivity revenues. Most telcos will not be able to do so, and many will ridicule [...]

India’s Mobile Industry Drowning in Debt

India’s mobile service provider industry is highly distressed, where it comes to ability to generate sustainable revenues at a level sufficient to cover its debt.  Airtel’s ability to cover its interest payments is about 0.6 percent. Idea, merging with Vodafone, does not even have that level of [...]

Mobile Growth is 39% China and India

As always, global trends can obscure what is happening in discrete communications markets. That seems to be the case for mobile communications as well. Of the 1.6 billion new mobile internet users between now and 2025, the overwhelming numbers will come from China and India. Account additions [...]

Shift to More Metro Communications?

How will communications demand change in the 5G era, if at all? Much depends on how edge computing develops, as that will drive another oscillation in computing architecture, and such changes always have changed demand for data communications.  Changes in computing nearly always have [...]

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