How Much Mobile Substitution from 5G?

One basic rule I use when evaluating service provider business models is to assume that tier-one service providers lose about half their current revenue about every 10 years, and therefore have to replace more than that amount of revenue to sustain growth. The rule likely works even for small [...]

Why Spectrum Prices are Dropping

It should come as no surprise that spectrum costs to support 5G are dropping, on a MegaHertz per POP (person) basis, which is how we measure prices. MHz-POP prices are dropping for reasons of basic supply and demand. First of all, supply is growing by 10 to 100 times over the total amount of [...]

Is There Really a “Race” to 5G?

Virtually all observers believe that there is a causal relationship between ubiquitous high-quality internet access and economic growth, even if nobody can prove the relationship is causal. So it is not surprising that some believe 5G will “cause” economic growth as well. Many have [...]

Where Will Fixed 5G Wireless Make Sense?

As 5G networks come online, more executives are going to evaluate 5G fixed wireless, both in from a mobile service provider and a fixed network service provider perspective. United States Cellular, for example, already offers a fixed wireless service using 4G. “We have a 4G fixed wireless [...]

Will Blockchain Enable New Platforms?

Consumers do not buy components; they buy products with capabilities. Likewise, most people who work in the internet access, content or related service provider services do not sell or need to know much about the underlying details of how devices, platforms or technologies work. For that [...]

A New Twist on an Old Idea

Ideas sometimes take decades to emerge as commercial realities, something we will likely see with artificial intelligence, internet of things, connected cars, and possible even edge computing. Decades, not years. Consider the ways Wi-Fi-based voice of the type cable TV operators offer. The [...]

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