No Quick Revenue Gains from 5G

Many observers are hoping for a relatively-quick uptick in firm productivity and capabilities driven by 5G, edge computing, internet of things and artificial intelligence. Fewer likely believe 5G will positively affect gross revenues and profits from consumer mobility services. Patience is the [...]

Firms Look to Build Private 4G Networks

A survey of mid-size, multi-site enterprises conducted by Netertes Research suggests a large number are seriously looking at replacing a Wi-Fi network with a 4G-based private network alternative. The idea that a private 4G network could replace Wi-Fi might sound outlandish, but new [...]

Generally speaking, successful new technologies and platforms get adopted faster than they used to. That was true of 4G, compared to 3G take rates. What happens in the 5G era seems unclear. Some expect 5G adoption faster than 4G, others expect 5G adoption on about the same pattern as 4G, while [...]

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