Where 5G Has Changed User Experience

5G does already change user experience in some cases, if not yet new applications and use cases. With the caveat that results might be different in countries with faster in-home Wi-Fi or less reliance on public Wi-Fi hotspots, 5G seems to have a big impact on smartphone experience, according to [...]

Will Private 5G Harm Mobile Operators?

Some observers think the India 5G private networks market addressable by mobile operators is quite questionable after the Indian government decided to essentially license enterprise 5G spectrum at no cost, allowing enterprise users to create private networks on the same model as Wi-Fi, but with [...]

Why 5G Sometimes Requires Smaller Cells

Frequency and reach are inversely correlated: the higher the signal frequency, the lower the distance those signals will travel. That matters for 5G, and will matter more with every succeeding mobile generation, as the available radio frequencies available to support future networks are almost [...]

How Important is 5G, Really?

As somebody who has spent lots of time following 5G, I also get the feeling I have seen this before, and I do not mean I have watched 3G and 4G arrive. No, it is something else. It is ancient history for many, but I can also recall expectations about the Telecommunications Act of 1996, […]

5G Faster than Wi-Fi in New Zealand

Though situations will vary from place to place, one potential development with 5G has been its potential to replace some Wi-Fi use, especially where tariffs allow unlimited data usage of 5G.  In New Zealand, which has had 5G live since December 2019, a new Opensignal analysis shows that [...]

TeraHertz Will be Part of Next-G Mobile Networks

Given a choice, executives in the mobile business would prefer to use lower-frequency spectrum than high-frequency assets. Lower frequencies propagate better, so are easier to manage when coverage is really important. But executives do not have unlimited choice.  Lower-frequency assets are [...]

How Important is Fixed Wireless?

It might be fair to say that mobile phone access, fixed wireless, low earth orbit satellite constellations and, to some extent, hybrid fiber coax have been viewed as niches compared to fiber to the home and digital subscriber line platforms in the global fixed network internet access business.  [...]

How Much Cost Savings from OpenRAN?

Rakuten might be correct about its own capital investment and operating cost savings from a virtualized and open radio access platform. Still, revenue upside, spectrum assets, marketing prowess and other elements of strategy–including the timing of capex–arguably are more [...]

What Will New Broadband Subsidies Buy?

The new infrastructure bill is touted as making $65 billion available for demand and supply investments in U.S. broadband access. And there is an argument to be made that both supply and demand investments will change consumer behavior. The issue is how much. Many people use their [...]

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