5G Business Model Never Was in Serious Doubt

Many mobile service provider executives have professed concern about the business model for 5G, which might be considered misplaced, given industry history. That makes sense for the net new use cases and revenue models that might be possible: those business models must be built. source: [...]

Stick to Your Core or Move Up the Stack?

At a recent session of the PTC Academy, APTelecom President Sean Bergin starkly contrasted the choices connectivity providers (telcos and others) now face. As demand for traditional connectivity services continues to decline, service providers face two basic choices: stick to the core business [...]

5G Demand Will be Both Push and Pull

End user demand for various connectivity services changes over time, but typically when some new need arises. Or when major suppliers decide to push its use. 5G will not be different, as has been the case for mobility in the past and for fixed network broadband as well. Since 5G requires new [...]

The 5G Indoor Network Market Will be Significant

All of us are by now used to the idea that Wi-Fi access inside buildings is supplied by the building tenant or resident, not a communications service provider. In the 5G era, it is possible that something similar will arise, in most locations other than large public venues, for 5G indoor [...]

5G Might be Different from All Prior “G”s

In purely technical terms, every digital mobile generation (3G, 4G, 5G) has produced an order of magnitude increase in bandwidth and an order of magnitude decrease in latency. Each next-generation network has used more advanced coding and modulation, partly responsible for the increased [...]

Enterprise 5G Value Will Change Over Time

Despite lots of presently-hypothetical use cases, much of the early enterprise demand for 5G still relies on the traditional value of “more capacity,” even if the long-term value will tend to be built around latency performance. New enterprise use cases will develop, but require the [...]

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