5G Viewed as DX Platform

Industrial enterprise executives tell Capgemini they see 5G as a platform for digital transformation, and also suggest edge computing and network slicing are key for those use cases. Network [...]

Higher Mobile Capex?

Mobility has been for a couple of decades the revenue driver for the global telecom industry, in some cases representing as much as 100 percent of revenue growth overall. But growth rates are [...]

5G Reaches 5% Adoption

“5G networks are now nearing a critical mass of global commercial network deployments and subscribers,” according to 5G Americas. According to Omdia, the world added 385.5 million 5G subscribers [...]

80/20 Rule in Action

This is a good illustration of the Pareto theorem, which states that 80 percent of instances or outcomes in business or nature come from 20 percent of the cases or effort. The Pareto theorem is [...]