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“The future of smartphones lies in emerging markets, sub-US$100 price points, and phablets,” said Melissa Chau, International Data Corp. senior research manager. “In 2014, 73 percent of smartphones were shipped to emerging markets, 21 percent were priced below US$100, and 12 percent had screen sizes between 5.5 and seven inches.

By 2019, 80 percent of smartphones will be shipped to emerging markets, 35 percent will be priced below US$100, and 32 percent will have a 5.5-inch to 7-inch screen size.

As recently as 2010, PCs still made up the lion’s share of the total “smart connected device” market, with the combined desktop and notebook categories accounting for almost 53 percent of shipments compared to nearly 45 percent for smartphones and three percent for tablets.

By 2014, smartphones had grown to represent almost 73 percent of total shipments, while PCs had slipped to nearly 17 percent and tablets had increased to about 13 percent.
By 2019, IDC expects the distribution to be nearly 78 percent smartphones, almost 12 percent PCs, and about 11 percent tablets.

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