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Some 300 million 5G handsets will have been sold by 2025, Strategy Analytics predicts. That forecast assumes seven percent of global subscribers will be on 5G networks by 2025.

“While the first commercial 5G handsets will appear in small numbers in 2020 in South Korea and Japan, from 2021 more countries including the US, UK, Sweden, UAE and China will see their own launches,” said Ken Hyers, Strategy Analytics director.

By 2022 tens of millions of 5G handsets will be sold, representing sales volume in the low single-digit range as a percent of total device sales.

Ericsson predicts there will be 150 million 5G subscriptions globally by the end of 2021.

In 2021, South Korea, Japan, China and the United States are expected to lead the uptake of 5G subscriptions.

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