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Just over two thirds (68 percent) of people in the Asia region have no broadband connection, while 55 percent of people in Latin America are without broadband, Maravedis researchers say.

Some 57 percent of world’s urban population remains unconnected, either with fixed or mobile broadband. That represents more than 2.2 billion people living in cities across the world, according to  research conducted by Maravedis on behalf of the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

Almost a quarter (23 percent) of people in North America have no broadband connection despite having the world’s highest average monthly income.

Europe has the lowest percentage of urban unconnected at 17 percent, the Middle East and Africa has the highest proportion of urban unconnected citizens at 82 percent.

London is the most connected major global city (only 8 percent unconnected), while Lagos is the least connected city (88.3 percent).

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