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Fully 93 percent of Indonesia’s 88 million internet users access the internet from smartphones, according to researchers at GfK.

The GfK survey also found that besides smartphones, 11 percent  of Indonesia’s users go online with desktops and five percent  use tablets.

“Our study reveals that Indonesia has a very active online population who spend an average of 5.5 hours a day accessing an average of 46 apps and web domains with their mobile device each day,” said Guntur Sanjoyo, managing director of GfK in Indonesia.

Indonesians spend an average of 32 hours per month each using apps. That’s compared to 27 hours by Brazilians, 20 by Germans and 17 by the Dutch.

Of the 32 hours that Indonesians spend using apps, 19 are spent using communication and messaging apps. This is roughly the same amount of time that German and Dutch people spend each month using all of their apps.

In other words, Indonesian smartphone users spend about 60 percent of their app time on messaging,

Three apps – all messaging apps – used by Indonesians are BBM, WhatsApp and the Korean/Japanese Service Line.

The top three app categories in terms of time spent using them for all countries are messaging, social and then gaming.

Apps that offer ways to overcome traffic jams, a huge problem for commuters in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, are also very popular in the region.

Motorcycle taxi app GO-JEK is among the top 15 of apps in terms of time spent. And GO-JEK was only launched in January 2015. Shopping, financial and banking apps are rather less used.

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