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Many elements of the Internet ecosystem are changing in ways that support widespread use of Internet apps by users across South Asia and elsewhere. New 4G networks, programs to extend optical backhaul, native language apps, sampling programs such as Free Basics, lower pricing of mobile data plans and lower-cost smartphones are parts of the solution.

Enabling content that loads faster over slower connections, and also consumes less data, while supporting advertiser analytics and mobile screen formatting for Web content, is what the Accelerated Mobile Project is all about.

Google will begin sending traffic to Accelerated Mobile Project pages in Google Search as early as late February, 2016. AMP is an open source project to support mobile content publishers, in part by ensuring faster delivery and proper formatting for mobile devices, as well as built-in methods to support advertising analytics and subscriptions.  

Twitter will begin to experiment with linking to AMP content provided by publishers early in 2016, says Richard Gingras, Google Head of News.  

Pinterest, for example, has found that AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less data eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages.

Google says messaging apps LINE, Viber, and Tango will link to AMP content in early 2016 as well.

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