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AT&T will move its 5G core network to the Microsoft cloud. The switch means Microsoft’s Azure Cloud provides a path for all of AT&T’s mobile network traffic to be managed using Microsoft Azure technologies. 

As is typical for many outsourcing deals, the provider of the outsourced functionality also will absorb AT&T employees who presently operate the function. 

As part of the deal, Microsoft will gain access to AT&T’s intellectual property and technical expertise to grow its telecom flagship offering, Azure for Operators.

Microsoft also is acquiring AT&T’s carrier-grade Network Cloud platform technology, which AT&T’s 5G core network runs on. AT&T’s Network Cloud platform has been running AT&T’s 5G core at scale since the company launched 5G in 2018. 

Unlike some outsourcing deals, AT&T will continue to operate its core network, using Microsoft as the hardware platform. AT&T expects the deal will reduce its engineering and software development costs. 

Microsoft will assume responsibility for both software development and deployment of AT&T’s Network Cloud immediately and bring AT&T’s existing network cloud to Azure over the next three years, AT&T says.

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