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CableLabs is going to run indoor tests of compatibility between Long Term Evolution co-existence of licensed assisted access (LTE-LAA) and Wi-Fi networks.

The objective is to test interference issues when LTE-LAA runs in a channel adjacent to a Wi-Fi channel. The test of co-existence of LTE-LAA and WiFi networks is set to run about one year.

Sprint has cleared use of of 2548.5-2558.5 MHz (channels C3, D1 and D2) and 2668.5-2678.5 MHz (channels H3 and G1) as part of the test.

Though there are several logical reasons for running such tests, at least one reason is verify contention issues when LTE-LAA attempts to access any Wi-Fi resource. The concern, on the part of app providers, is that LTE-LAA could have unfair advantages where it comes to gaining access to Wi-Fi spectrum.

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