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“Take the package” (early retirement) quipped Tony Mosley, Ocean Specialists director of business development, after a review of major trends in the global telecom business at the latest PTC Academy program in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mosley’s playful retort came just before, as part of the exercise, students then developed a list of key challenges they would face as new CEOs of their own retail businesses.

The work teams came up with a list of six major issues they would have to confront:

  • Margin compression
  • Regulation
  • Over the top services
  • Differentiation
  • Spectrum
  • Convergence

As part of the three-day program, students (mid-career telecom professionals) are exposed to the business challenges leaders of businesses confront, and how they work to overcome those obstacles.

As always is the case, there was debate about whether it is possible to “move up the stack,” adding value and perhaps occupying new niches in the business ecosystem, to boost revenue and raise margins.

At the concluding session, students were immersed in thinking about whether such moves up the stack are possible, for which firms and industry segments, and where to look for such opportunities.

PTC Academy is an annual training program created by PTC to provide promising mid-career professionals with an introduction to the sorts of business challenges they will face as CEOs.

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