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It might not surprise you that Singapore ranks number one on the World Bank’s 2015 Doing Business rankings. Singapore ranked number one in the prior year study as well.

But several other nations in Asia also rank highly. New Zealand ranks second. South Korea ranks fourth, followed closely by Hong Kong at position five.

Taiwan ranks 11th; Australia 13th; Malaysia 18th. Japan ranks 34th; Thailand 49th. China ranks 84th on the index.

Vietnam holds the number 90 spot. The Philippines comes in at 103; Sri Lanka at 107; Indonesia at 109. India ranks 130th; Pakistan 138th.

There are 189 countries ranked in the index, so position 95 is right in the middle. It might be noteworthy that India climbed 12 spots over the past year. Generally speaking, the latest Ease of Doing Business study shows most nations in Asia improving.

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