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Mario Maniewicz, Deputy Director, Radiocommunications Bureau, ITU and Gilbert Camacho Mora, President of SUTEL, Costa Rica’s telecoms regulator, are among confirmed speakers at the upcoming Dynamic Spectrum Alliance Global Summit, to be held in Bogota, Colombia, April 26-28 2016.

Also speaking are Oscar Leon, Executive Secretariat of CITEL, the Inter-American Telecommunications Commission and Mr David Luna, Minister of Information Technology and Communications, Colombia.

High level representatives from the FCC, Ofcom and Industry Canada, and many other of the world’s top regulators have also been invited to speak.

The Global Summit will feature a first-day workshop for regulators on spectrum sharing best practices.

The second day will include country viewpoints on the digital television transition, as well as discussion about spectrum sharing (unlicensed allocations, unlicensed managed access, and new Wi-Fi and LTE technologies and standards), as well as opportunities for dynamic spectrum access in the 2.3GHz, 3.5GHZ, 5GHz bands and above.

The final day of the Summit will see speakers discussing innovative use cases for dynamic spectrum access technologies such as in transportation, rural broadband, education, healthcare and disaster recovery.

Maniewicz also will an update of ITU’s views on spectrum sharing around the globe. More information can be found here.   

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