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Many observers believe 5G fixed wireless is a niche. The issue is how big a niche it might be. 

Verizon’s 5G fixed wireless now is available for $25 a month. Those plans come with extras such as streaming content subscriptions. Typical  download speeds of 90-170 Mbps with higher speeds and peaks over 1 Gbps in areas where millimeter wave capabilities are activated.

Typical upload speeds of 15-30 Mbps with peak upload speeds over 100 Mbps. 

Based on current buyer behavior, that might appeal to 20 percent to perhaps 30 percent (or more) of the home broadband market, the lower figure representing customers who already buy service at 100 Mbps or less. The higher figure adds customers who might prefer faster speeds, but for whom a $25 monthly cost is preferable to $50. 

Single-user households or price-sensitive customers are likely possible buyers. 

source: Openvault 

For Verizon, fixed wireless is important as it extends Verizon’s home broadband coverage so much. The company expects fixed wireless will represent 71 percent of its home broadband passings by about 2025.   

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