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About half of consumers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines now spend more than 16 hours online each week,  though, surprisingly, older demographics spend even more time than Millennials do, online.

Regardless of the time spent online, consumers are doing so primarily via their smartphones.

When it comes to spending time online, social media is the most dominant activity followed closely by watching online video.

Although consumers in the LImelight Networks study have demonstrated the importance of website performance, even performance comes in second to “fresh and updated” content.

Together with a consumer predilection for “fresh and updated” content, 53 percent of respondents say they  want a personalized web experience. Most consumers (67 percent) surveyed want a website to remember them and make recommendations based on previous visits.

Nearly half (43 percent) of consumers surveyed will leave a website and go to a competitor if a web page takes too long to load. Also, some 84 percent of respondents report they expect equally fast load times on any device.

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