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The top three drivers for deploying systems and connectivity at the edge are operational:
* analyzing and controlling devices
* improving process speed/reducing latency issues
* reducing data security risks

The study of industrial internet of things attitudes conducted by ARC Advisory Service has found 60 percent of respondents plan to take a hybrid approach by balancing future investments in the edge as well as the cloud. Of the 327 industrial executives, 48 percent work in North America; 30 percent in Asia; 20 percent in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The majority of respondents expect to deploy real-time analytics capabilities on premise and as close to the manufacturing process as possible, either at the edge, or on the plant floor level, the study funded by Stratus suggests.

About 30 percent of respondents expect to perform data analytics at the edge, and slightly fewer at the plant floor level. Fully 58 percent of respondents would not want to use the cloud as an intermediary (likely to ensure reliability and reduce response times) nor have it reside in the data center.

Some 18 percent of respondents would rely on the analytical function at the data center, while about 25 percent  would rely on cloud analytics.

source: ARC Advisory Group

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