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Malaysia’s first LTE networks came online in 2013, and now routinely deliver 4G speeds just short of the global average of 13.5 Mbps, according to Open Signal. In terms of speed, operators were closely matched. U Mobile achieved 13.8 Mbps, Maxis 13 Mbps and DiGi 12.4 Mbps. Celcom lagged those levels, recording speeds of about 10 Mbps.

Of Malaysia’s four major service providers, Maxis distinguished itself in the area of coverage.

Open Signal tracks network availability through a metric called time coverage, which measures the proportion of time users can see a signal on a particular network. Maxis 4G time coverage was 70 percent. Celcom, DiGi and  U Mobile did not score higher than 58 percent.


U Mobile had the fastest 3G network, at 3.3 Mbps.

LTE latency for DiGi, Maxis and U-Mobile was comparable.

In addition to VoLTE, DiGi is rolling out new LTE networks using old 2G spectrum in the 1800 MHz band, doubling its overall 4G capacity, Open Signal argues.

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