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Eventually, the world will have about 10 global-scale telecom providers, with about 100 local network service providers, where today there are perhaps 800 service providers, according to Bell Labs.

Scale always has mattered, but hyperscale arguably matters even more as the world shifts to cloud-based, ultra-high-bandwidth, ultra-low-latency networking literally connecting almost everything.

One reason scale might matter is that investment in state-of-the-art networks will produce capacity 66 times greater than today, by about 2025. The amount of data each person has stored in the cloud will grow by about 20 times.

Local access speeds on fixed networks will grow by perhaps 100 times by 2025, up from perhaps 100 Mbps today to 10 Gbps by 2025.

Radio improvements (multiple input, multiple output) will be something on the order of 250 times today’s performance, by 2025.

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