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As always, global trends can obscure what is happening in discrete communications markets. That seems to be the case for mobile communications as well. Of the 1.6 billion new mobile internet users between now and 2025, the overwhelming numbers will come from China and India. Account additions in those two countries will represent about 39 percent of all net additions to 2025. 

source: GSMA Intelligence

Just five countries account for half of global  growth to 2025:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan

What that means is that subscriber additions cannot drive revenue growth in most markets globally. In many countries, additional mobile data revenue will be key. In developed markets, growth will have to shift beyond mobile data, one might argue.

Also, because fixed broadband is negligible in some of those markets, the “next internet generation will not just be mobile first, but mobile only,” says GSMA.

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