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Historically, mobile network bandwidth has lagged at least an order of magnitude or two orders of magnitude behind consumer fixed network bandwidth, even as average capabilities across all platforms have grown.

Oddly enough, mobile platform bandwidth might already be on an improvement curve that rivals–or even exceeds–rates of improvement for fixed network access.

Even with the advent of gigabit fixed network Internet access service, which improves performance by an order of magnitude, mobile bandwidth might, by the early 2020s, have improved as much as two orders of magnitude.

That is a fact of undeniable importance for users and suppliers of Internet access services around the world, and particularly in lesser-developed regions, where mobile accounts for the overwhelming number of instances of Internet access.

Historically, each succeeding generation of mobile networks has grown speeds by at least an order of magnitude.

That already will be the case for fifth generation (5G) mobile networks, which will feature minimum “per device” speeds of 1 Gbps, with expectations that speeds will grow to perhaps 10 Gbps over time.

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