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Since authorizing two new mobile operators in Myanmar–Telenor and Ooredoo–the two operators, plus existing provider Myanmar Post and Telecommunications, have rapidly signed up millions of new subscribers, boosting mobile penetration from 10 percent in 2013 to over 60 percent in September 2015, according to government figures.

Telenor had 11.8 million subscribers, Ooredoo 4.8 million and MPT had 16 million customer accounts.

Between 60 percent and 70 percent use smartphones, as well.

But Myanmar now wants to issue a fourth mobile license, to “offer a cheap service,” said Daw Htike Htike Aung, project director at the Myanmar ICT for Development Organization. Its priority should be to bring Internet services to rural areas.”

That is going to be a tough business model.

Myanmar expects to issue the fourth license in 2016.

Companies will apply to join a local consortium of 11 local firms and investors, with a state partner, according to The Myanmar Times.

The newest tender winner will join an 11-company consortium including Myanmar Technologies and Investment Corporation, Myanmar ICT Development Corporation, Myanmar Agribusiness Public Corporation, Shwe Pyi Tagon Telecommunication Public Company, Golden Land East Asia Development, Myanmar Edible Oil Industrial Public Corporation, Myanmar Industries Alliance Public, Myanmar Agriculture and General Development Public, International Power Generation Public Company, Royal Yatanarpon Telecom Public Company and Mahar Yoma Public Company.

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