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Carlson Wireless Technologies is introducing its third-generation TV White Spaces chip module, the “Picasso Gen3,” globally.

Using low-band spectrum in vacant UHF TV frequencies and the new IEEE 802.11af WiFi standard, Carlson’s Picasso Gen3 chip will allow hundreds of users to receive a reliable broadband connection with data download speeds up to 96 Mbps from a single base station.

The range of the UHF signal is three to five times greater than a traditional microwave WiFi signal.

The advantages of using such spectrum are reduced capital investment and operating expense. 

Compared to other fixed wireless platforms, a TVWS network can achieve a 10-fold reduction in the amount of base stations needed.

Unlike some other wireless technologies, Carlson’s Gen3 low-band non-line-of-sight (NLOS) signal penetrates walls, trees, foliage, and bends over hills even at long distances, Carlson says.

The very low power consumption of the chipset design also allows for solar powered base stations.

TV White Spaces and dynamic spectrum on a broader level will be discussed at the upcoing Spectrum Futures conference in Singapore, Oct. 19 to 21, 2016, sponsored by the Pacific Telecommunications Council.

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