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PTC Academy is for you if:

* You need to make things happen

* You need to understand the implications of new technologies

* You hear new buzzwords and have to understand what it means for your business

* You will be guiding your business for 10 to 20 more years

* You need to know where the business is going, and could go

* You need to understand how new competitors will attack

* You need that knowledge fast

PTC Academy is a “mini-MBA” crash course in two days that introduces functional department personnel to the broad issues C level faces in running and growing the business. Here’s the program and instructors.

Register for the course, to be held Sept. 20 and 21, 2018 in Bangkok.

Thankfully, nearly all employees who work in the communications business do not need an MBA to do their jobs. They really do not need to know about strategic challenges, the evolution of business models, or revenue and cost drivers.

Most employees do not need to read trade media, blogs, tweets or other media to stay up on the latest high-level developments in the business. They do not need to meet with regulators, financial analysts, investors and potential business partners.

But all “C” level executives must do at least some of those things, because their job responsibilities require that they have a fairly good understanding of the key trends shaping the business and the firms within their own segment of the business.

Nor do most up and coming associates get much exposure to the issues and concerns that would be required of them if they move up closer to the “C” ranks.

And that is how PTC’s Academy hopes to help.


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