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Reliance Jio has been a 4G mobile operator for less than three years, but has completely disrupted the market with its rapid network rollout and unlimited data plans, reaching 97.5 percent coverage in that time.

To put that into context, consider that Reliance Jio’s 4G availability score of 97.5 percent is the highest Opensignal has ever recorded at the country level.

In the United States, two operators have scored over 90 percent 4G availability, while in Taiwan four are over this mark,  but none in either market have yet passed 95 percent coverage.

Even in the Netherlands, arguably Europe’s most advanced mobile market, all the operators have 4G Availability scores over 90 percent, but only one has passed 95 percent.

Japan has two operators over this benchmark.

“In a country with the sheer geographical size and population base of India, where the landscape ranges from huge cities to high mountains and vast agricultural plains, Jio’s achievement of reaching 97.5 percent 4G availability in such a short time is truly astonishing,” Opensignal says.

Jio’s coverage is putting pressure on the other service providers to improve coverage as well.

Airtel’s 4G Availability score has jumped by well over 10 percentage points in only six months to reach 85.6 percent, according to Opensignal. The other main LTE operators have grown their 4G availability scores by at least three percentage points each over the last five months or so.

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