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Price is a key issue for Internet service providers aiming to provide Internet access service to hundreds of millions of new customers in India and other markets.

In India, Telenor has unveiled 4G network mobile data packages priced at about $2.21 for use of a gigabyte, good for 28 days, or $3.29 for 2 Gb, good for 28 days.

Keep in mind that the typical monthly payment for a mobile user in India is about $2 a month.

Telenor is also offering one-day service priced at Rs 11 (U.S. 16 cents) and Rs 22 (U.S. 31 cents) offering 100MB and 250MB of 4G data respectively.

One obvious implication: the new Telenor plans represent a doubling of average revenue per user. That is a big deal.

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