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Upcoming 2.5 GHz spectrum auctions in Canada likely will result in Telus and smaller competitors getting most of the spectrum, as Rogers Wireless and Bell Canada already are near government maximum levels for spectrum licenses, and will be limited in bidding.

Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility and Bell Canada dominate Canadian market share, and the spectrum auctions, though expected to favor Telus, will not change that structure, even if smaller competitors have slowly been gaining a little share, and stand to gain more spectrum, at lower prices, since Bell Canada and Rogers Wireless will not be bidding for most of the spectrum.

The auction of 190 megahertz of spectrum includes 140 megahertz of paired spectrum and 50 megahertz of unpaired spectrum.

The paired spectrum bands will include seven total licenses of 20 megahertz each, while the unpaired will be a pair of 25-megahertz licenses.

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