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Thailand plans to auction 4G mobile phone spectrum by the end of 2015, in November and December, using the same format proposed before a postponement of the auctions in 2014. Such delays always pose some danger the rules could change, favoring or harming various possible contestants

But the retention of the original rules likely is helpful to market leader Advanced Info Service (AIS), which will not face any new restrictions or rules that might prevent it from obtaining 4G spectrum. AIS rivals Total Access Communications and True Corp already offer 4G, so AIS, though the market leader overall, needs to catch up in 4G.

About 25 MHz of spectrum at 1.8 GHz and 17.5 MHz at 900 MHz are expected to be made available. the NBTC confirmed it will auction off two 1800 MHz licenses, both offering 12.5 MHz of spectrum. There will also be two 900 MHz licenses, one with 10 MHz of spectrum and the other 7.5 MHz. There is some talk that additional spectrum might be made available.

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