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AT&T is the leader among U.S. carriers when it comes to internet of things connections, according to Compass Intelligence. The carrier ended the second quarter with 33.7 million IoT/machine-to-machine connections, a four percent increase from the first quarter, and more than twice the number of connections reported by Verizon and Sprint combined.

Verizon ended the second quarter with 18.2 million connections and Sprint has 13.2 million. T-Mobile US had an estimated 4.6 million IoT connections, down 22 percent from the first quarter, according to Compass Intelligence.

As a group, the four nationwide U.S. mobile service providers have added an estimated 7.5 million IoT connections within the last year, an increase of almost 11 percent.

AT&T’s IoT  connections are up 16 percent, Verizon’s connections higher by eight percent and Sprint’s IoT accounts up 20 percent. T-Mobile’s number of IoT connections appears to be down 11 percent over the last year, based on the Compass Intelligence estimates.

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