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Creativity is required to provide pleasant webpage and app experiences on 2G networks, it is worth remembering. It also is worth remembering that many mobile Internet access customers do not have much data to consume.

So optimizing mobile web and app experiences is user friendly.

Removing image content from webpages can reduce mobile data consumption as much as 70 percent,  a feature not every consumer wants, but which will likely be most welcome in regions and countries where 2G is the platform for Internet apps, where 3G is available but slow, and where affordable data allotments are parsimonious.

For such reasons, Google created “Data Saver mode” in Chrome, which reduces the amount of data used when a user visits a webpage, including most images.

After a page has loaded, users can tap to show all images or just some images.

The net result is a faster web experience and less stress on data usage allotments.

Chrome users in India and Indonesia will be the first to get this expanded Data Saver mode, with additional countries in the coming months. Users can simply flip on Data Saver mode in a Chrome app on Android devices, said Tal Oppenheimer, Google product manager.

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