In News, Spectrum Futures Conference

Spectrum Futures, to be held 19-21 October 2016 in Singapore, will feature up to 60 experts across a range of disciplines (regulators, ISPs, ISPs, app and infrastructure providers, policy advocates and researchers), talking about the latest in spectrum trends and platforms for Internet access across the region.

Speakers will address a number of key themes:

  • What are the key issues preventing wider access to Internet access, South and SE Asia?
  • What is the status of access in developed, mid-tier and developing nations across South, SE Asia?
  • What are the best practices from “most developed” and “fast developing” nations?
  • How will new platforms for Internet access change what is possible?
  • How can we encourage faster investment?
  • What can be done to create capacity (shared spectrum, millimeter wave, new platforms, small cell, 4G, 5G)?
  • Are there new roles for Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum and ISPs?
  • How can we create app provider roles, ISP partnerships to drive Internet value?
  • How can we create more value in the ecosystem?
  • How are successful partnerships built?

Early confirmed speakers include:

Chris Weasler, Facebook, Director of Global Connectivity

Praveen Sharma, Tata Communications, Head of Regulatory Affairs

Rajan S. Mathews, Cellular Operators Association of India, Director General

Mohamed El-Moghazi, National Telecom Regulatory Authority of Egypt, Director of Radio Spectrum Research and Studies

Camilo Alberto Jiménez Santofimio, Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones, Colombia, Senior Advisor

Reza Arefi, Intel Corporation, Director of Spectrum Strategy

Bob Horton, Horton Consulting, Director & Principal

Vern Fotheringham, V-Satcast, LLC, Executive Chairman

Josh Gordon, Red Pocket Mobile, President

Narendra K. Saini, Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC), India, Chair – Smart Governance WG

Rajnesh D. Singh, Internet Society, Regional Bureau Director for Asia-Pacific

Muhammad Rashid Shafi, Multinet Pakistan (PVT.) LTD., CEO Global Business & Chief Strategy Officer

Devid Gubiani, Bolt Super 4G – PT First Media, CEO



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