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For most of us, blockchain and artificial or augmented intelligence are specialized capabilities we do not buy or use as discrete purchases or apps, but are experienced as features of some product we do use or buy.

That will likely be the way we experience AI and blockchain in our communications products and services as well. According to STL Partners, there are six key areas where blockchain, for example, has value for connectivity providers:

* Tracking and registry: Recording information and data in an immutable and transparent way, whereby no party has asymmetric power over the data
* Data access / transfer: Enabling ease of transferring data between multiple parties
* Identity /authentication: Managing identities and permissions for authentication or verification
* Transactions: Enabling (real-time) payments and transactions
* Settlements: Revenue settlement by recording movement of goods/revenues or use of services/assets
* Token exchange: Virtual currency/tokens with intrinsic value traded between multiple parties.

The most-mature applications are tracking and registry as well as authentication, STL believes.

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