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There’s a very good reason why Spectrum Futures is so focused on different platforms–mobile, Wi-Fi, satellite, balloon or unmanned aerial vehicle–for supplying Internet access.

For the most part, “wireless” and “untethered” networks already are the ways people get access to the Internet globally, and the balance will shift even more decisively to untethered, mobile and wireless platforms in coming years.

The reasons simply are that doing so is the most logical way to provide access to most people, most of the time. Even “fixed” access these days normally involves a Wi-Fi local distribution method.

And with super-capacity 5G networks already planning on delivering between 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps per device, it might not be so clear that fixed networks are the most logical local distribution or access medium, in many instances.

It already is the case that wireless is the way most people across the globe will get access to the Internet.

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