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By 2025, the global telecom service provider industry is going to shrink from 800 firms to about 105, lead by just five global giants, according to Bell Labs. That is a reduction of 87 percent, by 2025.

Will you be working for one of those 105 firms in 2025? And, if so, what do you need to know, today, to get ready?

That is the key challenge that underlies “Industry Transformation Boot Camp,” a five-day training program created by the Pacific Telecommunications Council. The boot camp will provide an unvarnished, frank look at the cataclysmic changes coming for the global telecom industry; what will happen and why.

Industry Transformation Boot Camp also will introduce mid-career telecom professionals, regulatory staffs and C-suite executives with an honest  evaluation of  what 5G means for their businesses, and why the risk of 5G–embracing it or delaying it–will play a role in the seismic industry changes that are coming.

The premise is that, within a decade, there will be a dramatic, stunning reshaping of the global telecom business, and that, to survive, telecom professionals, regulators and suppliers need to prepare right now, for a cataclysmic change.

Instructors for telecom week will be leading discussions of what will future networks–and your business–will look like in the future, and what must you do now, to get there.  

The strategic problems the leaders of tomorrow’s telecom companies be grappling with, and what can today’s middle managers do–now–to prepare for the day when they are part of those leadership teams, also are key.

Telecom Week, to be held in Bangkok beginning 18 September and concluding on 22 September, is an unparalleled effort by PTC to quickly train telecom professionals on the profound changes coming in mobile and fixed telecommunications, with two full days looking at mobile and 5G, and three days looking at the broader strategic context for the telecom industry.

By the end of the week, attendees will have learned what 5G means, where the industry is headed and how they need to think about a vastly-different industry, and new roles within their companies.

The program begins with two days of training on 5G/mobility, at Spectrum Futures. The program continues with three days of management training at PTC Academy, introducing mid-career professionals to the strategic issues they and their firms will face in the near future.

Attendees at each of the programs will earn a certificate of completion, as well as gain key insight on where the industry is headed, what will happen and how to prepare for the coming changes.

Register now for Telecom Week events Spectrum Futures and PTC Academy. Your future may depend on it.

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