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The importance of content, especially video content, delivered on mobile networks can be glimpsed from a new forecast by Ovum. By 2028, about 90 percent of 5G traffic is expected to be video.

Between 2019 and 2028, Ovum analysts predict, media and entertainment companies will compete for about $3 trillion in cumulative mobile content revenues, of which about $1.3 trillion will be earned on 5G networks, Ovum suggests.

5g tipping point

By 2025, 57 percent of mobile revenue globally will be earned on 5G networks, say researchers at Ovum. By 2028, Intel and Ovum expect that number to rise to 80 percent.

he report, sponsored by Intel,  predicts that augmented reality and virtual reality will generate cumulative revenues of $140 billion (£106 billion) between 2021 and 2028.

Immersive and new media applications which don’t even exist today could generate $67 billion (£50.8 billion) a year by 2028, equivalent to the value of the entire global media market in 2017, including games, music and films, the study suggests.

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