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Enterprise private networks long have been a lucrative field for system integrators. And that pattern already seems to be emerging for enterprise private 5G networks.

A study by BearingPoint suggests mobile service providers are winning fewer enterprise 5G projects than anticipated a year ago, while the percentage of enterprise “do it yourself” projects also fell short of original expectations. 

Specialized service providers, on the other hand, are winning vastly more deals than expected a year ago. That category includes system integrators and others who specialize in building and operating private networks. 

source: Bearing Point 

Compared to 2020, a BearingPoint analysis of enterprise 5G suggests less optimism about roles for mobile service providers. In 2020, Bearing Point expected 21 percent of enterprise 5G projects would be led by a mobile service provider. This year, that expectation dropped to 16 percent. 

Involvement by mobile service providers as a secondary supplier also dropped from the 2020 estimate of 40 percent to the 2021 projection of 37 percent. 

Enterprise “do it yourself” rose from 20 percent to 32 percent. 

source: BearingPoint

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