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A growing number of experienced observers now say the industry is headed for a cataclysmic change in the next decade.

The optimistic view is that new value propositions and value will drive the industry forward. The pessimistic view is that a) this will not happen, or b) will not have the scale to offset losses in the legacy business.

And there comes the apocalypse.

Where there now are 810 telecom service providers, there will be but 105 by 2025, says Bell Labs. That consolidation of about 87 percent in seven or eight years would be beyond comprehension, for most of us, and would be an apocalypse for most in the industry.

Maybe Bell Labs is wrong, but maybe you should think about what your plan is, in case Bell Labs is right.

Just as important, maybe you should listen to experts tell you how they believe telcos can thrive, not survive, the coming era of what Capgemini calls an era of “massive consolidation” on a “spectacular” level.

Maybe J.P. Morgan equity analyst James Sullivan is wrong about emerging market mobile reaching a “new era” of asset restructuring (consolidation), because revenues are way out of line with network costs. But maybe you want to hear his thoughts on how to win in the new era.

What does Bell Labs mean by a business built on “creating time?”

Telecom average revenue per user now is falling in every region, says Strategy&, but 5G (and its platform for internet of things) offers the promise of new revenue sources, customers and use cases.

But what if we are wrong about 5G? What can you do now, and why, to increase your odds of winning, no matter how well 5G does, or how long it takes? What should you do now, and why?

Those are the sorts of “big questions and answers” at the Industry Transformation Boot Camp, to be held 18-22 September in Bangkok. Organized by the Pacific Telecommunications Council, and including its Spectrum Futures and PTC Academy programs, the Boot Camp will offer a hard-hitting, no-fluff learning exercise on the biggest, toughest problems faced by telecom industry professionals.

Taught by an international team of instructors with decades of hands-on as well as theoretical experience, the Boot Camp will immerse you in the key challenges, opportunities and risks of the coming decade, in an intimate environment where you can ask your own hard questions.

The Boot Camp is much more than its component parts, Spectrum Futures and PTC Academy.

The week-long experience assumes a business cataclysm–touching most, if not all companies– is possible, indeed likely. Skill and knowledge will matter. So come get them.

Our instructors are experts on the fixed and mobile, 5G and internet of things domains.

Come learn what they believe will happen, what it means for you and how it can help your business.  

Full week discounts are available. If you only have time for part of the program, you can attend Spectrum Futures to learn what you need to know about 5G, and why, or PTC Academy, to learn how the “C suite” approaches the key strategic issues.  

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