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5G private networks are widely seen as a revenue growth opportunity. The issue is “for whom?” A survey conducted for NTT of 216 enterprise technology executives in Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States suggests significant interest in private 5G networks. 

The C-level and senior information technology decision-makers from firms with global annual revenue ranging from a minimum of US$250m to over $1 billion also suggests most now believe they would source their networks from a managed service provider. 

But significant percentages say they also would consider outsourcing to a mobile service provider, including both fully leased as well as networks using network slicing. 

source: NTT 

The results suggest that potentially 45 percent of private 5G networks would use mobile operator services (operator supplied and managed or based on 5G network slicing).

That is about the most-robust demand-side data I have seen on the upside for mobile operators as suppliers of private 5G network services.

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