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Are you ready for cataclysmic change in the telecom industry? Do you want to learn what is coming and what you need to do, right now, to survive a huge industry shift? If so, then PTC’s “industry transformation boot camp” is for you

You might wonder why. Simply, you might not recognize the industry in just seven years, and it is time to get ready. How different will it be? Globally, service providers might shrink from 800 to just 105, as soon as 2025, Bell Labs predicts.

Other analysts believe the Southeast Asia business case will not support more than one mobile facilities provider. Yet others believe surviving “telcos” will earn significant revenues other than access, or will not be in business.

So, for the first time, PTC has joined two separate educational events to create an ”industry transformation boot camp”  that aims to address the issues head on, explain why the changes are coming, and suggest what has to be done.

The week-long instructional program will acquaint C-level executives with the key reasons why such huge change is coming. Just as important, mid-career telecom professionals will learn how to develop skills they will need to advance their careers, as well as equip them with 5G/mobile and telecom business fundamentals.

To be held in Bangkok, from 18 September through 22 September, the training includes certificates of completion for two days of 5G training and three days of instruction on the fundamentals of the telecom business.

Taught by teams of international instructors with dozens to scores of years of experience each, training week offers an intensive but compact framework for understanding:

  • Industry economics and key trends
  • Evolution of the mobile and fixed industry segments
  • Problem-solving exercises to acquaint you with C-level challenges
  • How C-level executives approach their key business problems
  • What 5G is and what it means for the future of the telecom business

Specifically designed to acquaint up-and-coming professionals with the perspective they will need as they move up the ranks, taught by executives who have founded and run companies, and themselves “moved up the ranks” of some of the biggest firms, globally.

Instructors include:

  • Reza Arefi, Intel, U.S.
  • Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis, U.K.
  • Anup Chargaroth, Ciena, Singapore
  • Wen-Chung Guo, National Communications Commission, Taiwan
  • Sachine Gupta, New Street Capital, Singapore
  • Taufuik Hasan, Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Indonesia
  • Rumi Iizuka, Foundation for MultiMedia Communications, Japan
  • Sanjay Kamat, Bell Labs Consulting, U.S.
  • Antoine Kassis, Kurrant, Thailand
  • Heikki Kokkinen, Fairspectrum, Finland
  • Wing K. Lee,  YTL Communications, Malaysia
  • Russell Lundberg, Bangkok Beach Telecom, Thailand
  • Tuan Anh Nguyen, Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam
  • Marc Olivier, Sigfox, Singapore
  • Alex Orange,  Qualcomm, Hong Kong SAR China
  • Allan Rasmussen, Yozzo, Thailand
  • Denny Setiawan, Ministry of Communications and IT, Indonesia
  • James Sullivan, J.P. Morgan Securities, Singapore
  • Heru Sutadi, Indonesia ICT Institute, Indonesia
  • Jennifer Warren, Lockheed Martin Corporation, U.S.
  • Dave Wright, Ruckus Wireless, U.S.
  • Mike Alexander, IBM, U.S.
  • Sean Bergin, APTelecom, Cambodia
  • Eric Handa, APTelecom, U.S.
  • Gary Kim, Spectrum Futures, U.S.
  • Keith Shaw, Equinix, Netherlands
  • Chris Wilson, TIME dotCom Berhad, Malaysia
  • Herbert Xiong, TE Subcom,. People’s Republic of China

What you will learn:

  • The key C-level issues in telecom

  • How executives identify and approach their key business problems

  • How executives deal with competition

  • How top execs manage internal challenges

  • How the C-suite harvests legacy revenues, grows new revenue

  • How product innovation happens

  • How to navigate tough markets

  • What is the future of networks?

  • What is the future for mobile services?

  • How regulators see 5G arriving

  • How spectrum policies will change

  • How 4G becomes 5G

  • How mobile execs can “move up the stack”

…and much more.

Learn more about PTC Academy and Spectrum Futures, the two components of the boot camp, a week of learning to equip Asia telecom professionals with what they must know to lead their businesses as the industry convulses.

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